Tiger Flora October 14th According to Andy Larsen, a reporter of the “Salt Lake City Report”, the Jazz conducted 2 to 2 training in today’s training. In a group, a group against Kyle Corinos Worth and Miye Aoni.

In a round, Exam broke through the basket and was fouled under the basket, and Exam fell to the ground. Then Exam stood up and furiously furious, then left angrily, and left the training hall.

Larsen said he thought that Exam was not injured in that round. He thought that in the 5-10 minutes of the game they watched, Colinsworth and One had an advantage on the scene, Aoni was full of sports, Corinos Worth was excellent. Exam looks a little tired, but there are some good performances.

In addition, Larsen claimed that Exam was really frustrated. It did not seem to reach 100%, and Aon’s defense was no problem. It was tough but clean. The action is not dirty.


(Edit: Li Changlong)