In response to information security issues such as face recognition, reporters from Yangcheng Evening News conducted field investigations

Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Zhang Wen Zhouzhe

At present, the common hemisphere monitoring camera, gun -shaped monitoring camera, gimbal rotation camera, gimbal outdoor ball camera, which is a camera for face recognition? The answer may be unexpected -as long as it goes through simple background modification, they can all be used for face recognition.

Recently, in response to information security issues such as “face recognition” that generally paid attention to the public, the reporter from Yangcheng Evening News walked into Foshan’s shopping malls, real estate marketing centers and other places, investigated the camera installation of the marketing venue, and verified whether there was a “face stealing”. risk.


The monitoring camera has become a “standard” of major shops

In late March this year, the Foshan People’s Procuratorate led the Foshan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Foshan Public Security Bureau, and the Foshan Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau to carry out a special face recognition camera throughout the city. On the morning of March 26, law enforcement officers discovered the telephoto camera with a network cable at the first real estate marketing center of Nanhai District, Foshan City. Law enforcement officers then came to the marketing center computer room and found that one of the equipment wires was affixed to The words “face recognition”. Subsequently, law enforcement officers seized the camera and host equipment according to law, and conducted further investigation and processing.

After the incident was exposed by the media, it immediately attracted public attention. Many netizens complained in the message that many real estate marketing centers in Foshan were installed with face recognition monitoring cameras. Some real estate installations of face recognition cameras are convenient for salesperson to “see people and dishes”.

According to the clues provided by netizens, the reporter visited some real estate and shopping malls in the three districts of Foshan, South China Sea, and Shunde. The reporter first came to a real estate exposed above. At the marketing center of the real estate, the reporter found that after the law enforcement officer was removed from the camera, the first floor and the first floor of the marketing center were replaced with a smaller hemispherical camera. In a certain real estate of China Resources, a subsidiary of China Resources, Foshan New Town, a real estate marketing center in Chao’an Road, Zencheng District, etc., are equipped with gun -shaped cameras.

In the Chancheng Mall and shopping malls, the reporter found a large number of surveillance cameras. Among them, there are multiple interfaces on the back of the gun -type camera at the side door of the mall, which is very easy to modify. Uniqlo stores in the mall have two hemispherical cameras on the cash register; in addition to the hemispherical camera in the mall, the famous Chuangyou stores are also equipped with a larger gimbal rotating camera.


Can’t judge by the appearance of the camera

Whether the face recognition

Is the camera seen by the above visits have a face recognition function? The reporter subsequently conducted a variety of verification.

The reporter first logged in to multiple online shopping platforms to find similar models. On the Taobao platform, searching for “face recognition camera” has not shown any products, but there are still many “leakage fish” through keywords such as “face recognition”. On the Pinduoduo platform, the cheapest face recognition camera price is less than 200 yuan. Multiple platforms have no restrictions on the buyer’s face recognition camera. For the camera taken by the reporter to the customer service staff, the customer service staff denied that the camera has a face recognition function.

However, many insiders in the industry said that technically, even the simplest hemispherical camera has a face recognition function after background modification.

“In general, there are two ways to realize the realization of face recognition. One is front -end recognition, and it is also the main method of face recognition at present, that is, chips that install face algorithms in the camera; By installing the back -end server, the face of the captured person’s faces “follow the picture.” Duanlang (pseudonym) who has long been engaged in face recognition equipment product solutions told reporters that the cost of back -end recognition methods is high. The camera, whether or not the face algorithm chip is installed, you can use the background modification to achieve face recognition. “

Duan Lang said that at present, in addition to the use of face recognition cameras in public functional departments such as government, shopping malls, scenic spots, real estate and other places have continuously established face recognition network platforms. Among them, the use of camera networking and collecting customer information through face recognition for data associations has become a “hidden rule” that is not promoted by shopping malls and real estate.

So, can the camera judge whether the camera has “face recognition” function through the camera? Duan Lang clearly stated that it was basically impossible.

Another Mr. Lai, who has long been engaged in electronic equipment procurement business, told reporters that customers can completely ask camera manufacturers to create customized versions.

Protect their rights

Encounter face recognition infringement

When appealing, “evidence preservation”

“Face recognition” is gradually flooding, and how to supervise has become a question of public concern. Taking Foshan, which was visited by reporters, it is reported that the Foshan Procuratorate and other departments continued to follow up with the special action of face recognition cameras, which will announce the relevant advancement in the near future.

If the citizens find a face recognition by a commercial institution camera, how can they defend their rights? The deputy director of the Civil Law Professional Committee of the Guangdong Lawyer Association and the director of the Guangdong Baohui Law Firm, Lawyer, said that the facial features of a person are unique, and the face recognition of the person who does not agree with the consent must be infringement. However, there is no clear stipulation for the protection of personal information.

Ji Cunbao said that the current personal information caused by his face is mainly concentrated in the consumer field, and consumers can appeal through organizations such as the Consumer Council. However, because many “face recognition” is concealed and the evidence is not on the citizen’s side, if the appeal is required to preserve the evidence from the public prosecution or court. In addition, citizens can also determine the evidence first through some detour methods, such as signing with the mall.

Facing face recognition, how to supervise the next step? Liang Yongliu, a member of the Foshan Municipal Committee of the CPPCC and deputy director of the Foshan Municipal Committee of the Democratic Construction of the Democratic Construction, suggested that the face recognition technology supervises the source of face recognition from the source of the development and application, and the face information of face information is related to public interests and in a commercial field. The requirements for installation of face recognition equipment must be declared and detailed review. At the same time, the media’s security of personal facial information must also increase publicity to allow citizens to understand the importance of protecting facial information.

“At present, with the increasing application of big data in all fields of society, the government is also constantly accumulating relevant experience in big data governance.” Ji Cunbao said that it is recommended that the government must have a mechanism specifically for big data supervision to strengthen personal data to strengthen personal data. Protection.

A APP controls 180,000 cameras members registered to pay for voyeur others’ privacy

Illegiter uses hackers to easily solve and control home and public places cameras, build an APP or use other video management platforms to collect “membership fees” and “package fees” to profit, and countless privacy pictures have been peeped through the “third eye” … …4·15全民国家安全教育日前夕,记者调查发现,在相关部门加大对网络摄像头隐私泄露黑灰产打击力度的同时,仍有不法分子采用隐蔽的方法出售破解摄像头ID及破解软件,且The price is “rising and high”, which brings huge threats and hidden dangers to citizens’ privacy security.

Privacy monitoring black -gray products still exist in “hidden corners”

A few days ago, the reporter’s investigation found that in some social software, criminals sold the camera ID and cracked software that had been cracked in a more hidden way. For example, on QQ, they use “camera” as the username to attract customers. When customers add friends, they will receive reminders and need to add another QQ number called “customer service” to pass.

After a brief consultation, the customer service staff listed the “price list”. Among them, including 168 yuan, 238 yuan “family package” and higher -charged “hotel packages” and hotels near the university, the number of cameras ID was between 12 to 15. When the reporter asked whether to use an app (network monitoring system that can be downloaded publicly) for binding viewing, the other party said that it cannot be used now and needs to be replaced with another remote monitoring system.

In addition, the price list listed by the customer service also includes the camera cracking software, which can scan and crack the nearby camera at a price of 520 yuan. The reporter noticed that as relevant departments and online platforms strengthened the prevention and crackdown on the black and gray industry, the prices of these illegal resources also rose, and the price of cracking software rose 200 yuan, and the unit price of cracking ID was nearly doubled.

The reporter’s interview found that in the case investigated and punished by the law enforcement department, criminals took advantage of the customer’s peeping psychological illegal profits. In a case that the Third Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing recently tried, the defendant Wu Moumou controlled 180,000 cameras worldwide. “I collect or record some naked videos in the human body.” Li Moumou’s “customer” Li Mou said that after he registered this app member, he paid 668 yuan twice to become a lifelong member. “Watching unlimited time, 6 lens content appears randomly, which can be collected and recorded. The contents include private housing, public places, training institutions, etc.”

Low threshold is the “convenient door” for illegal crimes

It is understood that the threshold for the privacy of the camera is very low, and some criminals do not even need to have a high computer level. You only need to buy a hacker software for “fool operation” or pay for technical personnel. Camera ID.

The undertaking judge of the above case told reporters that Wu Moumou purchased a “counter -compilation software” from the Internet and illegally obtained a user database of a brand network camera. Based on this database “APP, later re -operated the app named” Blue Eyes “. The data was imported from” Eye of God “, and the server was hung abroad. Then watch the application of the user by attracting the user to log in to the real -time monitoring content of the network camera.

According to the “2020 Internet Black -to -Gray Crime Research Report” released by Baidu last year, cybercrime will be one of the global significant risks in the next ten years. At the same time Key issues that ignore.

Peng Xinlin, the deputy director of the Criminal Law Institute of Beijing Normal University, believes that all departments should jointly act to increase the crackdown on the use of the criminal behavior of using the Internet of Things equipment, and strengthen industry supervision and guidance while encouraging innovation and development. Netizens should also strengthen security awareness, strengthen safety protection measures, and report them in time after discovering the clues of hackers.

Interviewees also pointed out that enterprises should attach importance to the security of the office environment, check the camera and other equipment regularly, and establish a network security protection system. Netizens should use classification management on the account number and passwords of online social platforms, use different passwords for each platform, and try to use high -intensity passwords as much as possible, and often update the passwords of important network platforms.

(According to Xinhua News Agency)