The chiffon fabric has been an essential element in summer since its birth. The thin and beautiful characteristics have brought it to most of the fashion categories. The style has changed, and it is strongly sought after by designers and consumers. Among them, the style of chiffon shirt is also dazzling. The choice of neckline is doll collar, one word, V -neck to square collar, etc., the sleeves have bat sleeves, bubble sleeves, narrow sleeves, sleeveless, etc. In style, the design elements of clothes are also available from lace to ruffled edges.


However, many times, we may not be good -looking at the style of intuition. If you want to wear a chiffon shirt out of immortality, you must first choose a style that suits you.

1. How to choose a chiffon shirt

The most attractive chiffon shirt is the immortality brought by the material. Therefore, when selecting a version, we must consciously make ourselves look more

Slim and elegant

In this way, the characteristics of chiffon shirt can be brought out. For different figures, we have different selection strategies. Let’s take a look at the corresponding skills.

Big breast girl

For big breast girls, the most distressed thing is how to take care of comfort and beauty. The texture of the chiffon shirt is light and easy to expose skin. If you choose accidentally, you will make the big breasts look very bloated.

In terms of choice, big breasts girl

Do not





Round neck

The chiffon shirt, the former will make the upper body lose breath, the latter will make your neck look thick and short, and it looks heavy. At the same time, you must avoid choosing large cuffs.

Suggestion selection of neckline style

V -neck.

The style of the open -shoulder is also a smart choice. It can not only stretch the neck visually, but also reflect the body curve just right.

Shoulder width girl

Girls with width shoulder width are already easy to show strong, especially when they encounter a multi -layer chiffon shirt with a sense of expansion, they will further expand the shoulder lines and wrap the people.

Therefore, the shoulder width girl remembers

Avoid all wraps

Edition, it is best to choose energy

Narrowed shoulder line

In the deep collar, the design of the bubble sleeves can also cover the arm lines to a certain extent, so as to tighten people visually. The effect of V -neck is similar. Generally speaking, the dark chiffon shirt has better effect than light -colored models.

Girls with fat upper body

Girls with fat on the upper body are slightly disadvantaged when choosing a top, and they are obviously not fat, but they look strong in the upper body alone. At this time, we will be smarter,

Slimably shifted the attention of others, try to focus on the focus of the sight on the lower body



You can’t choose a tight model first in the version, a little bit


Be able to

Expose skin

It is the first choice.


Secondly, in order to reduce the sense of presence of chiffon shirt, the color should not be too much.


The model will help us look more slender visually.

If the arms are stout, remember that there is also a bat sleeve design for thick arms. If the belly is not very fleshy, you can also try the high waist version, and use the waistline to create a tall lightness.

After choosing the right version, the first step to create a fairy is completed. What we have to do next is: continue to create “

High -level sense

2. How to make a chiffon shirt high -level

We often see fashion women in chiffon shirts on the street, but they rarely feel amazing because they are not good enough?

No, it’s just because they choose the chiffon shirt style too much


Then, indirectly weakened the high -level sense of the chiffon shirt “fairy fluttering”.

So, what elements do you need? May wish to experience from the star’s middle school experience.

The above two simple plain chiffon shirts and horizontal half -body long skirts follow the principle of simplicity and generous selection, and the atmosphere is dazzling.

If it is a plain chiffon shirt, a brightened black ribbon or a dark bag, you can find your personality in ordinary styles.

It is not difficult to find that in the above -mentioned combinations, the chiffon shirts of temperament have such characteristics:


Uniform color


Sense of perspective

Little decorations

The color of the color is mainly refers to


Regardless of whether the background is dark or light, it is a solid color, so it looks elegant. at the same time,

The perspective area is small

At most in the two sleeves, there is a perspective design, and the texture is retained in the lightness. In addition, decoratives such as large lotus leaf edges and lace patterns have almost no appearance, and it is more common that the use of fluttering to strengthen the overall spirit.

Therefore, if you want to wear a chiffon shirt with a high sense of sense, it looks sweet and unsuccessful. Remember to use the above principles to choose your own suitable style ~ Next, let’s take a look at some whole body matching examples.

Chiffon shirt+half -body skirt

If you want to be sweet and elegant, you must go when you choose a skirt


Style pick. A simple black half skirt is versatile and fashionable, and it will not cover the characteristics of chiffon shirts, and it looks elegant.

The half skirts are also particular about the trend of the top of the top.

Upper Panasonic

The principle of the overall curve is shaped.


If the skirt is still scattered, and the color and style are not calm enough, the elegant temperament will also weaken, and it is easy to look cheap.

Chiffon shirt+jeans

The combination of chiffon shirts and jeans is also very classic. It is best to choose when paired with jeans

Stroke and gloss

A better chiffon shirt, without adding additional accessories, there is a lazy and advanced tone.

The length of jeans is

Above the ankle

It is more suitable, exposing the tip of the shoe can stretch the sight and increase the proportion of the body. If you want to emphasize your personality, you can be in


Do an article. Simply knotting with a scarf, full of fun. If you want to pursue a minimalist sense, you can choose a plain color belt to easily raise the temperament of the whole body.

Chiffon shirt+half -body long skirt


The matching principles of long skirts and trousers are similar, but the difficulty is greater, because the design of the skirt is diverse, and the overall harmony of the two must be considered when matching.


The matching of denim skirts is highly compatible, it is not easy to make mistakes, and


Cake skirt and band



The style should be carefully selected.

The above is the choice and matching of chiffon shirts. Remember to match according to your body and temperament characteristics. We will see you next issue ~







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