I heard that everyone is addicted to the happiness of buying and buying, how can happiness be less! Don’t stay up late, no need to calculate, without the rules of the activity of Huahua’s whistle, come to the BOSS live broadcast high -quality festival!


Shanghai, Jiangsu

At home at home, the discounts have been fulfilled. There are holiday hotels with high value, and parent -child hotels suitable for dolls. If you want to lie flat with friends, want to bring your children to love, and want to have your parents. Those who travel together can satisfy you in this issue.

The package is valid for a long time,

Most of the winter vacation,

There are some

New Year’s Day and Spring Festival can be available without price increases

Intersection Friends who plan to go to the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival must be coded in advance!

Of course, what is still emphasized is


All hotels are retreating, unnecessary!

There is no need to have any psychological burden at all.

Click the picture below, and immediately enter the live broadcast room

1. Jiapele Hotel, Jianyeli, Shanghai

【Early early

】 Shikumen Villa 1 night+free of charge in the guest room+free tea point and drink in the living room+welcome fruit+daily free newspaper delivery+Jiapelewen travel officer service

BOSS price

¥ 3288

¥ 4588

Resort paradise in the center of Shanghai!

Coordinates of Jianguo West Road, Xuhui District

Hundred Years Shikumen

The appearance is good, the iconic Matou mountain wall, clear water red brick, patio, semi -circular arch coupons, bring you back to the old Shanghai in the 1930s.

The room is well -configured. The bedding is the super luxurious brand “Sely”, which is so comfortable that I don’t want to get up at all! Bath supplies are even more absolute

French fragrance brand Diptyque

, Luxury from head to toe! The point of Amway, take a look at his house

Auriga spa

It is simply the gospel of the stress star. Friends who have a cold for black technology can experience the star project by the way

Floating cabin

, Pretty interesting.

to be honest,

Great coffee like Jia Peile is rarely engaged in activities,


Catch up today,

It can only be included in the central Shanghai center from starting from 3288 yuan! Three floors! villa!

I also gave a lot of courtesy. You know, this room type is usually close to 4,000 yuan for 1 night, which is simply not real! and

Some winter vacations can be available without price,

The validity period is super long until the end of June next year.

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽


. Changsha Wanjiali International Hotel


Early] Deluxe suite 2 nights (live)+visual room delay to check out to 16 points+Wanjiali World Celebrity wax museum

¥ 999

¥ 1658


“Universe Center”

Happiness, you will arrange it again!

80,000 square meters of food and catering, 50,000 square meters of shopping malls, 40,000 square meters of children’s amusement, 20,000 square meters of cultural view garden,

The top of the building is a large stop,

Even your own

Celebrity wax museum

Intersection The scale is large and golden, and many people use it as an attraction to check in. They can’t help but sigh here: bright blind! It turns out that the palace is in the folk!


The good price for a long time, this time I also brought it to everyone.

999 yuan live for two nights


Luxury Suite

and! All holidays do not increase the price, yes, the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival are available!

Imagine that in the luxurious suite of the “Universe Center”, eating stinky tofu and drinking tea is beautiful, it is almost beautiful, the validity is until the end of March next year.

3. Suzhou Dongshan Hotel (Lie Cui Tower)

】 Luxury Standard Room 1 Night+Suzhou Featured Olympic Noodle Package+Tickets for Dongshan Carving Building

¥ 599

¥ 1514

Selling the Suzhou Dongshan Hotel with a high voice of explosion, it is here again! I do n’t need to talk nonsense in this family. Usually there are thousands of pieces of calendar rooms. Now it can be done only 599 yuan.

Weekend and Christmas can be available without price increases,

Valid until the end of the year.


. Shanghai Hongqiao West Suburb Morlum Radio Hotel


Luxury large bed room 1 night+enjoy room minibar+88 yuan catering deduction coupon

¥ 668

¥ 1482

Who would have thought that Shanghai Hongqiao, known for its commercial and transportation hubs, even hidden a

Spanish palace

Entering the lobby, the eyes are full of brilliant eyes, BlingBling giant crystal lamps, white marble, and the arc -shaped staircase covered with red carpets, full of Mediterranean style, there is a kind of living in

“Budapest Hotel”


The hotel is not only high in value, but also super fun! In the outdoor garden, there is a beach swimming pool surrounded by the coconut tree landscape of the palace. Put the little beasts to dig sand here. Adults are in the sun, not to mention how pleasant it is. There is also a star swimming pool in the room, thinking

Bubble hot spring soup pond

There is no problem. There is also a yoga SPA gym. When you are tired, you can go to the hotel with a restaurant full of artistic atmosphere. This small life is so beautiful.

Breakfast luxury bed room one night, starting at 668 yuan,

Including minibar and 88 yuan catering deduction coupon, it will start to start a thousand yuan in daily single -night sale, and

Some winter vacations do not increase the price,

The validity period until the end of February next year, friends who want local tour in Shanghai can have no brain to stock up.

↓↓↓ There are double bed room sets ↓↓↓

Price ¥ 668 [including morning] Luxury double -bed room 1 night+88 yuan catering deduction coupon+enjoyment room minibar



Yiju big bed room 1 night+2 big 1 small single cute pet paradise ticket+children’s playground voucher+children’s play water center and gym use

¥ 1188

¥ 1788

The newly opened hotel in 2021 is right

Guangfulin Site Park

On the side, next door is

Net Red Underwater Museum

Shanghai Happy Valley, Duoyun Academy, Zhiyi Zen Temple

Not far away, just looking at this geographical location, you know how good the surroundings are.

The hotel has a history of more than 500 years. The predecessor was the former residence of Xia Yan, the first assistant to the Ming Dynasty.

Prime minister

Undoubtedly, it is common for his family to sell 1,788, but today’s package is 1188 yuan. It is not easy to send tickets for cute pet parks and children’s playgrounds!

Valid until the end of April next year.

Price ¥ 1188 [including morning] Yiju double bed room 1 night+2 big 1 small single cute pet park ticket+children’s park play voucher+children’s play water center and gym use


. Shanghai Hongqiao British Hotel



] 1 night


¥ 799

Magic capital

A unique show in Hongqiao Business District

, Tai will be selected, back to Hongqiao High -speed Railway Station and Airport, adjacent to

Shanghai Zoo

, Next is

Longhu Tianjie

Don’t worry about shopping and entertainment. The design is a little bit something, reflecting the neighbor’s culture and retro modern style, what peacock green retro rooms, western leather box cabinets, copper -plated water -plated faucet and other elements.

“Business Tycoon”


The cost -effectiveness of the package is really high, especially in this golden position+high quality! 799 Take one night,

All the holidays can be available without price, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Spring Festival are available


Valid until the end of February next year.


. Huangshan Hanya Resort Hotel

Park Su Senior Double Bed 2 Night (Lian Lian)+Rremore Black Chicken Soup/Old Duck Soup Half+Double Hongcun Scenic Area Tickets+Tangfeng Hanfu Leasing for 2 hours

¥ 2380

Autumn and winter plan to come to Huangshan to enjoy the red leaves, watch the foggy friends, and try this one. It is located in Longjiang Village, the suburbs of Qixian County. It is surrounded by wheat fields and village houses.

Start from the hotel

Hongcun, West Express

About 15 minutes of drive, Xiuli Film and Television Village, Sai Jinhua’s former residence and other scenic spots are walking. The design is also very new, you can

Drive to the household

, Push the house to stay, don’t worry too much about self -driving tour.

Look at the calendar room in hand, usually 1000+ in the morning one night, only 999 in the live broadcast of two nights,

Weekends, Christmas, and some winter vacations can be available without price increases,


Is it not fragrant in autumn and winter? Valid until the end of February next year.


. Suzhou Taihu Norfut Hot Spring Hotel

Deluxe double bed 1 night+children’s playground playing+double Taihu story theme hot spring

¥ 499

¥ 1012

this home

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taihu!

Large and small

There are more than 20 hot spring soup ponds

, Haiyan, milk, saffron … Pick you with you, you can soak it all day! The hotel is also famous

Parent -child friendship

Regardless of whether you play and pick the plant factory or play crazy in the oversized flag, you are very happy with the children, and there is a place to bring a baby.

Let’s talk about the package. Starting at 499 yuan a night, the value of the light room and the hot spring has been worth the fare, not to mention the additional children’s playground to play, too.

Some winter vacations and Lantern Festival are available,

There is no need to increase the price, and the validity period is until the end of February next year.

9. Wuyuan Reading Huitang

2 nights of garden labels (live)+


Jiyaju Tea Room Free Experience+Fantasy Bubble+Hanfu Experience+High -speed Rail Transfer Station+Good Night Milk

¥ 998

¥ 2158

Do you think Wuyuan is only suitable for travel only in spring? actually not,

Wuyuan’s autumn and winter

, Don’t have a charm, very cure and very up.

What about this Wuyuan Yinghui Hall?

Dreamful hometown performing arts town

, Built on the banks of the river rivers, it is simply the origin of Xanadu, and there is a kind of living.

landscape painting

The tone in it. It ’s very good to live in San San, and it’ s very suitable for taking parents to live together.

The hotel also provides the service of high -speed rail pick -up, saving itself.

Two nights from 998 yuan

Good price,

Christmas, New Year’s Day, winter vacation can be available without price increases,

Is it a pity not to store such a seductive package at the end of January next year? Intersection


. Wuyuan Ming Xunyuan · Yunshui Ballad

】 Shi Li Cultural Classical VIP room 2 night (live)+giving away the meal at the store to give the village net red kitchen cooked in Huizhou ancient powder steamed fish+Ming training selection of special alpine royal chrysanthemum gift boxes

¥ 1488

¥ 5828

This popularity in Wuyuan has been bursting, pillowing mountains, clouds covering fog,

Jiangling Lingling, which is close to the rapeseed flowers, is very close.


Outside the door is a movie

“I’m not Pan Jinlian”

The place of shooting feels in the movie every day.

When walking into the store, there is no hole in the sky,

Classic Hui Pai old house,

Classical style design, coupled with a large courtyard, you will doubt whether you are entering the film shooting scene by mistake.

The price of this package is also very powerful now, 1488 yuan can be won for 2 nights,


And the validity period is super long until the end of December next year, what does this mean? When do you want to go to you in the next four seasons.

Value -to -value exchanges, high cost performance


1. All -line Beijing Shanghai and other 100 stores in many places can be split in 3 nights.


¥ 858

¥ 1073

Huaju, this time it covered

Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou

Hundreds of stores in the four places, like


Hailujiazui Mall Road, Beijing Chaoyang Park, Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Guangzhou Tower Store,

3 nights can be split and used, with an average of more than two hundred nights. You must know at least four or five hundred daily nights. You know how cost -effective it is. The validity period will be 2/28 next year. Click me to buy 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉

The price is ¥ 858, and 100 stores in many places throughout the season.

2. Orange Crystal, Man -hearted, Meiju front line, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen 3 nights can be split and split vouchers

¥ 1098

¥ 1373

The validity period is also 2/28 next year. The popular cities that can be selected are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

Manxin Beijing Tiantan Store, Orange Crystal Shanghai Bund Sichuan North Road Store, Guangzhou Nansha Meiju Store, Shenzhen Kunyi Meimeiju Store

Wait, 3 nights can be split and used, usually starting at least five or six hundred starting calendars. I bought this pass,

On average 1 night 366 yuan,

Save money visible to the naked eye! Click me to buy 👉

The price is ¥ 1098, orange crystal, long heart, 3 nights of beauty

3. [Guo Chao Treasure] Xixi Bund/Gubei 2 Store Tong Dai

¥ 1288

¥ 1688

The price -performance ratio is not selected, including Shanghai Lujiazui Xixi and Shanghai Gubei Xiyu, which is valid until 2/28 next year, click me to buy 👉

The price is ¥ 1288, the Jubilee Bund/Gubei 2 store is exchanged

Insert one here

Calendar Welfare

Receive 94 % discount on the weekend discount coupon of the domestic hotel


At most, a maximum of 60 yuan, the calendar rooms that stay in from Friday to Sunday are available, and you can easily save money with your fingers!

Receive path: Open the Ctrip APP-point hotel Gongge-Query-search box to buy.


You can spend

2 5 Get 4 discount coupons of 92 % off weekends!

Each one is 80 yuan, available on Friday-Sunday,

Unexposed at any time

Gourmet price


Hotel buffet

, Boutique Su Gangcai

01 [Shanghai] A Tongmu Japanese style and bead -roasted meat (Libao Plaza Store)

Value -worth lunch 2 -person set meal


¥ 359/

¥ 701

The cold wave strikes, hot

Japanese and grilled meat

Arrange immediately! Driving in the old landmark of Shanghai’s landmarks, the famous Japanese designers are designed by Mr. Tibetan, unlike other Japanese -style elements that have accumulated chaotic Japanese restaurants. Low -key, very private, whether it is

Friends can be full of points for meals or business banquets

Essence The nourishing peace cows in the baking sheet instantly made people appetite. and also

The clerk is intimate

, Thoroughly liberate your hands, just open your mouth and eat quickly!

Thin -cut beef tongue, Beijing onion beef tongue, and beef bone edge meat



Good signature meat to eat cool

, Usually 701 yuan, now

The per capita is less than 180 yuan

The meat ancestors quickly arranged!

Click the figure below to buy

Address: B105, Libao Plaza, 222 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai

02 [Suzhou Shangri -La] Café Soo full -time restaurant

Monday to Thursday lunch buffet

¥ 142/

¥ 258

Suzhou buffet industry MVP

It is opened in the core CBD center center of Suzhou New District. The quality gourmet ladies of the brand hotel buffet restaurant understand.

Sashimi Japanese ingredients, raw seafood, iron plate grill, various types of Chinese and Western -style hot and cold dishes, dessert drinks

Wait for multiple stalls,

The audience 100+ global delicious unlimited edition

Essence Eat casually, I promise that I do n’t step on the thunder, ready to eat 512G stomach, just eat it! Now the live price is only 142 yuan, which is better than usual than usual








【Early early

【Early early


【Early early

【Early early

【Early early

【Early early

【Early early

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

BOSS price

Some winter vacations can be available without price,

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽


▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽

▽ The inventory has been opened, click the figure below to grab ▽


¥ 999

¥ 999





↓↓↓ There are double bed room sets ↓↓↓

Christmas, New Year’s Day, winter vacation can be available without price increases,




Cost -off 116 yuan

It is very suitable for the white -collar workers around the surrounding work, and the lunch on working days cannot be sloppy.


Click the figure below to buy

Address: No. 168, Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

费 [Nanjing Golden Aofeng Hotel] Altitude all -day restaurant 2 big 1 small buffet:

Nanjing buffet food industry C position

On the one side

210 meters high -altitude restaurant 360 ° overlooking the bright night view of the west

,, Aside

Eat global deliciousness

It is really wonderful! Usually 636 yuan, now

The average person is less than 140

, Valid until the end of the year,

Weekend is also available

, Bao Ma Bao Dad in the Free Shipping District wants to take a baby -child vacation, you can stock up ~

Click to buy: [Nanjing Kim Aofeng Hotel] Altitude all -day restaurant 2 big 1 small buffet ¥ 398

雅 [Suzhou Jinling Yadu Hotel] Yadu Rotating Restaurant Cantonese -style lunch tea single buffet:

The fashionable landmarks located in the ancient city of Suzhou, alone

360 ° Gusu City View View

It is worth buying, let alone shrimp dumplings, fresh shrimp firing, steamed ribs, etc.

80+ authentic Cantonese refreshment will be willful

Intersection The tea restaurant is hundreds of hundreds of food. Now it only takes 78 yuan to get it, and it is crazy!

Click to buy: [Suzhou Jinling Yadu Hotel] Yadu rotating restaurant Cantonese -style lunch tea single buffet ¥ 78

宫 [Suzhou Wugong Pan Pacific Hotel] Double set meal of Wugong Chinese Restaurant in Haitianlou:


Suzhou Old Town’s Su -style Garden Hotel


Focus on exquisite Su Gang dishes

You can also enjoy the courtyard scenery at the window position, and there are exquisite antiques in porcelain everywhere. The business banquet is coming here. The price is very cost -effective.

109 yuan per capita

Can be done.

Click to buy: [Suzhou Wugong Pan -Pacific Hotel] Double Set meal for Wugong Chinese Restaurant in Haitianlou ¥ 218

Daily department stores and first -line wines are super low -priced on the whole network!

bring you

Unlock explosive hotel

As well as

Exclusive wool

GET community private collection!

There are also 300 yuan great travel voucher package exchange

As well as