Disney has many classic anime works. Remember the female classmates in the class when they were young. The favorite is to watch various interesting Disney animations while playing their own Barbie dolls. If anyone can take out a genuine Barbie doll, then it is definitely the most dazzling princess in the class.


So what if Princess Disney meets Barbie dolls? Foreign handmade gods: GGUTOCOLLECTOR created the Barbie doll from Princess Disney. Mulan was full of Chinese style, and Princess White Snow slept sweetly.


The great handsome ability of this great god is really powerful. Mulan’s clothes, the little umbrellas held, are very Chinese. Should be difficult to buy on the market? The probability was made by himself.


Even if you make clothes decoration, he actually prepared a background of Chinese style. What flower is it? Peach blossom? It is too artistic to match the small bridges next to it.


Hua Mulan is walking in Chinese style. Tienna in “Princess and Frog” is fashionable. This dress looks really tide. Like a lady, the clothes themselves are very good. This hair shawl is more eye -catching.



Before Cinderella Xiandu Ryla was helped by the fairy and mother -in -law, he had been wearing very simple at home, but because he looked good in itself, it felt like this scene was also beautiful. At first glance, this smile was a confident and optimistic girl.

Princess Belle

The Barbie of Princess Belle in “Beauty and Beast” looks more satisfactory. It is a relatively standard female lead standing. This golden yellow dress looks super beautiful, and it is also paired with beautiful stairs. I don’t know if it was done by the great god himself.


I found that this great god is really thoughtful in the background production of various Barbie dolls. This is also the work of Baojiakangti. I seem to feel the cold. In contrast, the princesses. The fine clothes on my body were not so attractive to me.


Queen Aisha


Speaking of ice and snow, how can I miss Queen Aisha who is best at using Ice and Snow Magic? However, this big guy’s DIY Queen Esha version of Barbie did not cooperate with the background of ice and snow, but let her show the magic of ice and snow. Moreover, this hairstyle feels a little different from the animation. of.

Princess Lepe


Speaking of hair, long -haired princess Le Pei’s hair is also very noticeable.


This Princess Lepe’s Barbie doll is also enviable, but I personally feel that the neck part of it is still a bit violated, and the photos that do not take the neck look better.

Coincidentally, the painter also created Princess Lepei when he was a child. This looks so cute.

snow White


As for Princess Bai Xue, the big guy chose the scene after her “poisoning” and slept very sweetly.


In order to cooperate with this scene, he also paired with seven dwarves and a delicate coffin. This scene is too good.

It is a pity that these works are all self -entertaining works. There are no sales in the market. If friends can’t buy it even if they look at it, they can only hope that the Great God will have the opportunity to cooperate with the official in the future. Barbie doll.