The focus of fashion has gradually changed from aesthetic and decently to new and different. Each brand designer has repeatedly made surprise in order to make a circle, but when the product is truly launched, it may not be able to win the favor of consumers.

Topshop, the British fast -moving consumer brand, was sought after by young people. Although affected by the epidemic, they had to let all stores have a good job in the first half of this year, but their influence on fashion was still there.

According to the “Daily Star” reported on September 22, the brand is currently only sold on the online platform ASOS, but their latest products have confused consumers in design.

In Topshop’s online store, there is a light blue jeans that focus on hip holes as a selling point, with a price of 42.99 pounds (about 380 yuan). The front of the jeans is no different from ordinary pants, and there is no hole. However, once you wear this flared pants to turn your body, your hips will be blatantly displayed.

Topshop is not the first brand to launch this vulgar design, but fashion fans obviously do not buy it. Its consumers flocked on social media to share their opinions on this ridiculous design.

One of them said: “I didn’t find a ‘ass broken hole’ jeans in the topshop store. The hole was really outrageous, and under the buttocks, you had to spend 43 pounds to have it to get it. This privilege of revealing butt. “


Another commented: “Who will explain such a ghost design! Is there anyone? Everyone can!”


Some people couldn’t help asking: “I just took a pair of pretty jeans, and when I saw the hips, I opened a big hole. Who would you talk about this kind of pants? Where can I wear it?”


A sharp -looking fashion enthusiast also pointed out that the hole is likely to cross the cave: “Every time you sit down and stand up, the holes in the butt will be torn even more.”

However, fashion is a matter of benevolence and wisdom. Crocs hole shoes and UGG snow boots have also been talked about, but now the streets are full of popularity. At present, stars such as Kylie Jenner have successfully displayed the demonstration of this kind of jeans. Maybe it can also start a wave of evil door under the influence of the Internet celebrity, and it depends on it, it depends on it, and it depends on it. Do you have the courage to put on your body.


Picture source: “Daily Star”, the Internet

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