Shenyang Aikeson Lighting is a European -style decoration effect map of Zhongshan Huayi Craft Lighting Co., Ltd.). Huayi Group is the largest group company in ancient town and a Chinese brand -brand product company. Seton Lighting Co., Ltd. has been well -operated by Zhang Qingsheng’s general manager. It has been fifteen years since it has been carefully operated. The general manager of Zhang Qingsheng has been made of Aikoson lamps from 2000 to Shenyang. It can be said that it has been engaged in this industry. From the beginning of 100, the large store area has come out step by step, which can be described as a lot of hardships! Aikishon Lighting Co., Ltd. has more than 20,000 square meters of modern decoration renderings) production plants, advanced production equipment, and improved and reasonable production processes. High -end brands dedicated to resin technology, iron art, and crystal craftsmanship in the European Classical Decoration) style, have multiple advanced national electrical safety quality certification (CCC, CE, UL). Won the title of “Guangdong Famous Brand Products”, “National Exemption Products”, “China Famous Brand Products”. It is the leader of Chinese European lamps.

艾克诗顿灯饰张庆生:突破传统模式 不断完善自我

Breaking through the traditional model and continuously improving themselves is the only way for enterprises to go further on the road of success. Zhang Qingsheng, general manager of Shenyang Aikeson Lighting Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the Real Estate House Channel of Northeast News Network that in such a major environment, if you want to make the company bigger, you must improve and break through themselves. Also across the traditional model, do not always be conservative, for example, in the sales model, although the overall impact of online e -commerce is relatively powerful, the cost of online e -commerce is low and the phenomenon of mixed fish and dragons, but the online online online online OTO OTO It is necessary to break through the traditional business model, and it has been trying to try it hard, because only in this way can we get new sales models, can we continuously improve themselves and push new. Zhang Qingsheng is still very optimistic about this industry, because he feels that with the improvement of living standards, people will have higher and higher requirements for lamps, and their pursuit will become more perfect. Maybe he really likes lighting, so he will support and choose to believe in the lighting industry.

Zhang Qingsheng said that after years of hard work, the Ekson people insisted on “innovation”, “high quality”, and “leading service concepts” to become luxurious villas at home and abroad) and high -end hotel decoration renderings. The preferred brand of decoration. Divide to launch more classic fashion, high -end quality, perfectly combine personal taste and quality of life. Create a perfect home with comprehensive after -sales service.