On August 30, in accordance with the requirements of the “Interim Regulations on the Management of Consumer Product Recall”, Anhui Henglu Glass Products Co., Ltd.

Recall 400 glass

The models of these cups are X-512 170ml Heng Road Chengshuo series.

Because when these cups are filled with hot water, they will

Due to the high temperature of the outer surface, consumers cannot hold the cups, and there are hidden safety hazards that have been burned.


This incident once again sounded the alarm for consumers to use the water cup safely, and reports on the safety hazards of water cups on the Internet are common.

The water you use may be stealing your health

According to Hainan Daily, in March 2011, the reporter visited the sales point of plastic bottle in Haikou and found that some sales points are still selling

Beds containing bisphenol A

Essence Bisphenol A is a chemical that the EU prohibits the application of baby bottle.

Risk of carcinogenic and causing cardiovascular disease

The 55 -degree cup was once regarded as a water artifact, because it claims that it can cool the boiling water rapidly and the cold water is heating rapidly.

In 2015, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau’s test of the 55 -degree cup found that the three batches of product materials cups were not qualified

And drinking water in the drinking cup will cause burden on the body and cause disease.

According to CCTV News, in February last year,

Beijing Consumers Association

The staff of the staff used to be in the Internet, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places,

Buy more than 50 insulation cups to carry out quality testing


19 types of heavy metals such as chromium, nickel, manganese, and lead exceeded the standard

The phenomenon.

In addition to the quality of the water cup itself, the water cups of different materials will also have a different impact on physical health.

1. Plastic cup

Some consumers use plastic cups to drink hot water and find that the cup is hotly deforms. Whether the plastic cup can be used to drink hot water, the key is to depend on what the material it is,

PP No. 5 (polypropylene) is the safest

It can not only be used for cold water, but also high temperature resistance.

Tritan material is often used to make plastic bottle and space cup

Researchers have not found harmful substances to the human body. To

Plastic cups of other materials

, Most of them are not resistant to high temperature deformation, and in

Under high temperature, bisphenol A (BPA) and phtharaic acid may be released.

2. Insulation cup

If it is a thermal insulation cup for high manganese and low nickel steel, then

Not suitable for putting carbonated drinks and juice

Because of the poor corrosion resistance of high manganese and low nickel steel, it is easy to precipitate heavy metals.

In addition, the insulation cup also

Not suitable for milk and tea


Essence Milk installation will make microorganisms quickly or even corruption; tea installation will make tea more easily fermented, destroy the vitamins in it, and also precipitate the catekine to make the tea bitter.

3. Enamel cup

There is no problem with the intact enamel cup, but once

If bumps and damage appear, it cannot be used to install drinks

It is easy to precipitate harmful substances.

4. Ceramic cup

Those colorful ceramic cups usually apply a layer of glaze on the inner wall.

When encountering drinks with high acid and alkali or boiling water, heavy metals such as aluminum in the glaze will easily precipitate

Essence Therefore, ceramic cup

It’s best not to buy the color inner wall

5, glass

Ordinary glass

The main ingredient is a stable silica dioxide, which is also recognized as safe catering materials


Crystal glass can be crystal clear because the lead is added,

Although the lead is metal, its nature is relatively stable. Unless it is served in acidic liquid for a long time, it will generally not be precipitated

It can be seen that the glass is the healthiest cup. Whether it is cold water, hot water, or fruit juice, and drinks, it can be placed in it. Of course, no matter what material’s water cup, you must pay attention to cleaning.

Water cups are not cleaned often, bacteria exceed 100 times!

For cups that are often used, be sure to clean them in time every day, otherwise a lot of bacteria will breed. Such as a cup with milk or juice, if it is not used immediately after use, the residue is easy to mildew and breed bacteria, causing discomfort to the user’s stomach.

And cleaning the water cup is not scaled with water or hot water. It should not be cleaned with sponge or clean cloth to clean the water cup, because these things have cleaned many dirt, and the dirt and bacteria may be more than the water cup.

The correct method of cleaning is:

First, add a dedicated cleaning solution to the cup. After washing with your hands, rinse it with water and dry it in the ventilation place.


Boil disinfection every few days every few days, soak the stainless steel cup and the lid of the insulation cup with boiling water for 5-10 minutes

Three, for

Cup mouth and cup bottom

These places that are easy to hide dirt can

Apply toothpaste and clean it with a clean brush

,at last

Direct the cup to drain the water in the ventilation place

For cups, we must pay attention to buying safe materials, and do not use liquids that are not consistent with their uses. After use, we must clean them in time. If you use a plastic cup, you should also pay attention to change it once a month to avoid harmful substances to produce the cup due to the heat tolerance.

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