Shangshui and Muscle Qi Tighten Plastic Symptoms


Detailed introduction: The essence of Shangshui and Muscle is very cost -effective. It is recommended to young skin. The moisturizing effect is mild. It can be used all year round. The moist and light texture is particularly absorbed.

Baleya Rolling Pearl Water Congue Eye Cream

The design of the ball is more convenient to use, and the stimulation of the eyes is less; rich in minerals, vitamin E, and Vitamin Original B5; deep moisturizing, smoothing small dry lines, preventing the formation of dark circles, light water light, easy to absorb absorption Essence

Sea Blue Mystery Green Bottle Eye Cream


The lady’s eye cream, except for expensive, has no shortcomings! The top ten eye creams in the world, male celebrities and female stars love the most, it has effects on fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. It is very versatile eye cream.

The matching silver stick can help massage, help the eye cream absorb, and have a sedative effect, converge the skin of the eye, and go swollen.


CPB crystal eye cream

The top eye cream of this comprehensive eye maintenance of CPB is the first three -dimensional eye cream that creates 3D eyes, which improves the defense function of the eye around the eye, strengthens the eye muscles, and prevent wrinkles. The effect of moisture is super good. While dilute the dark circles, it can also promote blood circulation and control peripheral fat and moisture.

Huayu Ji Gong eye cream


Huayu collects human ginseng eye cream, which contains precious ginseng essence, apple jelly powder, kichery, and snail secretion filter liquid, which effectively stimulates the internal vitality of the skin around the eyes, promotes microcirculation, dark circles can be relieved, fatigue, stress sweeping And light, eye skin reveals new and beautiful white light. Deep nourishment, repair the dry lines and fine lines of the eyes, dilute the bags under the eyes, dark circles, and improve the skin’s ability to protect the skin’s infringement. Continuous use, let the eye skin restore the tenderness and translucent, and the bright eyes are doubled.

It uses natural activity ingredients to fully solve the problem of eye skin.

Highly accurate massage heads, in line with human engineering mechanics, more accurate use. Qinliang massage head with emulsion texture, and when applying it, it will be awakened at an instant.

The mild ingredients will not cause any sense of burden on the skin, and the effect is definitely first -class. It feels good to use it, and I don’t do it all day long. Just after applying it, I felt the glasses were bright. I used the fine lines of my eyes to become lighter and tightly tightened. It was a very gentle and moisturized product. After staying up late, I did n’t have dark circles after staying up late. To be honest, the effect was really good. Use it, it is very comfortable and not stimulated by the eyes.

Stay up late The Party’s essential hydration and moisturizing eye cream, dilute the fine lines of dark circles, supplement collagen to the skin