Are there any sisters like me, Tian Yiliang likes to rely on the bed and don’t remember? When I thought of the coldness when wearing pants, I strengthened my determination to hide in the bed. Be good at


Now there is a kind of pants that can quickly heat up, comfortable and warm to wear, making the cold winter warmer, it is “warm pants”!

What is warm pants?

Seeing the name, you know that it is responsible for keeping warm! General pants are worn coldly, and it takes a while to feel warmth. and

The surface of warm pants is fluffy, wearing comfortable and soft, and can quickly warm up, very suitable for girls who are afraid of cold.

You might say, isn’t warm pants cotton pants? It’s really not! Cotton pants are warm with filling, and warm pants are kept warm by surface fluff. It directly contacts the skin, and it is softer and more comfortable.

The benefits of warm pants:

In the past, we put on autumn pants, hair pants, and then the outermost layer of pants. Multi -layer not only worn off and take off, but also easily made the legs look thicker.

This kind of pants with inside can reduce our dressing steps, and it can spend winter in a pair of pants in the southern cities that are not too cold. The wet north, only a pair of autumn pants need to be added inside

It is more convenient to save trouble.

Warm pants category:

Double -sided pants

The warm pants of the double -sided velvet fabric began to popularize, it

The inside and outside are furry, soft and warm skin like warm blankets.

This kind of pants are generally more fluffy and more suitable for home leisure, so everyone always treats it as pajamas.

In fact, as long as the color is not too fancy, simple and generous black and white gray, low -saturated light powder and light blue can be worn as ordinary casual pants. It is comfortable and warm with a sweater, which is comfortable and warm.

Inner velvet style

Fashion is always constantly changing, and warm pants are constantly upgrading. Both the degree of warmth and appearance are more perfect, and it is no longer just a “home pants” with a strong sense of expansion. We often wear it.

Jeans, sports pants, suit pants can be turned into warm pants, just add a layer of velvet in it


It is beautiful, generous, warm, and more practical.

How to choose warm pants?

Plel of pants

Although warm pants have many advantages, because the inside is added, it must be fatter than ordinary pants. If the legs are not very slender, it is best to pick

The loose design of the selected version is avoided to widen the leg circumference on the legs.

Those who like casual wind can start with velvet sports pants. It is convenient and age -reducing. Usually it is very fashionable and generous with a down jacket coat. Such as this

The velvet wide -leg pants are very good, because the version is stretching and weight, the entire pants shape shows the effect of vertical stretching. The length of the feet is also very suitable for lengthening leg length

With flat shoes, they are free and easy, and small children can easily control.


Plove jeans

If you want to wear daily commuting, denim and pants are definitely the first choice.

Girls with thick legs and smooth lines can choose small straight pants and wide -leg pants, which will make the legs look thinner and straight.


Essence The premise is that you must choose a bone -skinned and stiff jeans. If it is too soft, it is easy to have wrinkles, and the entire leg will show a trend of horizontal widening.

This is

Looping and moderate small straight puffed jeans looks even more neat. Nine -point pants design is also very friendly to young girls, there is no sense of procrastination


With short boots, it is handsome and very temperamental, which is very suitable for office workers. I am afraid that cold girls need a pair of “warm pants”! Wear comfortable and soft, keep warm and beautiful!

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