Never miss the year-end party! A smart jacket is the best investment single product, this period of Bazaar is selected for four trendy jackets, so you can easily pair time.


Fresh vitality

各路年轻的外套君都在这聚齐了CH Carolina Herrera手镯

I feel that I only wear a print single product slightly monotonous, put a pink coat, fashionable and warm. Pink can not be just a small public patent, but it can only be very beautiful, it can also become elegant. A touch of purple pink coat, let your stability reveal a young energetic.

Kristina Bazan

CH Carolina Herrera earrings

O’2nd shirt

Coven Garden Coat

TED Baker hair accessories


Marks & Spencer Ring


Karen Walker Sunglasses ¥ 1364


Vita Fede Ring ¥ 2015

Tips: Worried that the print single product and woolen coat are too mature, with a cartoon print or graffiti handbag, add a vitality to the whole body!

GOELIA Coat ¥ 1999

Mango Sunglasses ¥ 199

Juicy Couture Ring ¥ 590

AB / Soul coat ¥ 9800

Pancoat Handbag ¥ 368

Michael Kors Watch ¥ 2750

Charles Keith Thick Sandals ¥ 499

Tips: When the whole match is biased in the bright color, you may wish to match a pair of nude high heels, the whole match will appear levels, temperament.


CH Carolina Herrera Bracelet

Fred Ring ¥ 26900

COS Holiday Bracelet ¥ 350

Fred earrings ¥ 51800

Juicy Couture Ring ¥ 450

Mo & Co Coat ¥ 3699

Forever21 bracelet new product is not priced


Dosing winter, a contrast coat jacket can make the whole person look vital to be full, to look nor, don’t wear, just put it directly. The strong visual impact of contractions, bringing a brave domineering. It is a surprise that bursts in the minds of trust innovation, fresh and fashion, who can I don’t confuse it?

Martha Graeff

Mo & COT


New Look Sunglasses



Candies mobile phone shell ¥ 550

Mipenna necklace new product is not priced

New Look Ring

Tips: Sports wind with stripes or digital printing is all aged, adding youthful to heavy coats.

FIVE PLUS Bracelet ¥ 439

Cheap Monday Ring

Cheap mondy bracelet

Ochirly coat ¥ 1090

Millies high heels

Forever21 bracelet new product is not priced

Tips: a pair of straps and knee boots to pull the long legs, and rushing.


Manolo Blahnik boots

ETAMT-shirt ¥ 299

Cheap Mondy Ring

Candies mobile phone shell ¥ 400


Alexandre Zouari Headband ¥ 2500


If you want to find a warm and eye-catching coat, you choose bright colors. Say goodbye to those bleak colors, say goodbye to those graceful fur, environmental protection and bright colors are your home. The bright color of the fluff is a kind of noble approach, so that you will become playful, you are young and fashionable.

Diletta Bonaiuti

Revolve earrings

C & A short skirt ¥ 249

Mango Handbag ¥ 259



Juicy Couture Bracelet New Products

Ochirly bracelet ¥ 339

Kate Spade Sweater Chain ¥ 900

H & M Belt ¥ 199

Tips: Brown suede short skirt with colored long boots, a woven belt, simple to create a retro style.


Tory Burch Belt

EVENING jacket


Charles Keith Handbag ¥ 549

New Look short skirt

Mango boots ¥ 899

D’zzit Handbag ¥ 895

Tips: When wearing bright colored jackets, you can choose a very textured solid knitted sweater, making the whole person look very comfortable.

Bonpoint sweater

Mango stream boots ¥ 999

Kate Spade Bracelet ¥ 550

SELECTED sweater


Millies strapping boots

Romantic warm purple sweater

If you want to have a short time in your party, the bright purple sweater is the best choice. The beautiful color makes the whole person look vitality. With a romantic breath, it has always been a woman’s love. It seems to live in a naive little angel in the purple soul, and it has a magical power, which has a kind of magic, exudes cute and beautiful.

Dana ragoz

AB / Soul top ¥ 4280

SELECTED hairspants

AB / Soul sweater ¥ 5280

Ochirly high heels ¥ 869

AB / Soul earrings ¥ 2380

ASOS Bib ¥ 345

Tips: Choose a pair of high-heeled shoes, add a lot of extra points for the entire match! Add some sequins decoration better. But pay attention to the color not too jumping!

Vita Fede Bracelet ¥ 3410


Rabeanco Backpack ¥ 1380

AB / Soul Hat ¥ 9800

Cos Holiday Belt ¥ 190

Kate Spade Ring ¥ 750

Ricostru pants

Charles Keith high heels ¥ 439

Tips: Bright color scarf, head, hat, jewelery is also the key to lighting, don’t need too much, one or two specials are enough.

H & M Dimen ¥ 79.9

Marja Kurki Squares ¥ 680

FIVE PLUS Backpack

O’2nd peck ¥ 1190

THEORY Pants ¥ 2700

OCHIRLY brooch ¥ 169

Candies Bracelet ¥ 300

Charles Keith Shoulder Bag ¥ 469

Marja Kurki Squares ¥ 1080

Editor / Xu Wei


Text / Zhang Yuanyuan

Publish / Immortal

Marks & Spencer Ring

Mango Sunglasses ¥ 199

Michael Kors Watch ¥ 2750

CH Carolina Herrera Bracelet

New Look Sunglasses

Cheap Mondy Ring