On December 25, local time, Victoria Beckham shared a family portrait photo on social media to bless her fans a happy Christmas. Although the Beckham family is very reunion, this is also a long -lost family portrait, mainly because of the eldest son of the couple, the 22 -year -old Brooklyn Baker Ham basically became a “deed”, and Nicole La · Pelz has lived in the United States for a long time after engagement.


From the screen, you can see that the 46 -year -old former English foot of England is no longer the height of the family. Both Budu and 19 -year -old Romeo are growing up. They have more than 1 meter 83 dad. Woolen cloth.

Although Victoria is a family portrait on Christmas, the photos are not taken these days. From the background, the photo is taken on the 11th of this month, that is, Beckham’s father Ted Beckham’s second marriage when. Ted, 73, ended 18 years after the last marriage, married the 62 -year -old rich woman lawyer Hillary Mareiidis, and the only son was another important moment in his father’s life as a best man.


Although the media knows the time and place of Ted’s wedding, because it is not made public, the pictures of the wedding are also published by Beckham’s house. However, the Beckham’s family who always likes to share has chosen “confidential” this time. Only Beckham released two pictures of the same frame at the wedding, and Victoria was completely “silent.” Instead, Nicole La, who was a quasi -daughter -in -law, had a picture of the same frame at the wedding banquet with the uncle Cruz, but there was no explanation. At that time, most people did not know when it was taken.

Baker Ham’s Christmas this year really couldn’t complete the “family portrait”, because Dabu still stayed in the United States and spent the festival with Pelz. A poop couple showed the picture of wearing pajamas in front of the mirror on the day of the holiday. As always, Dabu seemed to be swollen after the hangover, and had to wear a sunglasses.

Judging from the snapshots from Nicole, Dabu ate very much at the family dinner of the day before. Nicole’s father Nelson Pelz is a billionaire and has 10 children, so the scale of the dinner is very grand.


Without the company’s companionship, and no enthusiasm for the festival, this was confirmed by his wife in social media. The picture of Xiaobei wearing a Christmas hat in front of the stove was captured by Victoria.