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Our home decoration will inevitably be configured with some furniture. Like the location of our guest restaurant, we basically buy sofas. When we go to buy a sofa, everyone will encounter this kind of problem, that is, there are two types of sofas we see: one is leather or leather, and the other is fabric. So the two sofas are actually completely different. So which one is good? In this article, the home miscellaneous altar will answer the choice of fabric sofa and leather sofa in this article. You can consider from the following seven aspects.

experience feelings

For the sofa used by the family, everyone usually sits on it or is lying on it, so it is very important to use it. In terms of use, I personally think that the fabric sofa should be better than the ordinary leather sofa, but except the leather sofa.

① ordinary leather or low -end leather, because its level is relatively poor, which causes the pores of the leather to be completely blocked and the breathability is very poor.

This kind of sofa will stick to the skin on the summer, which gives people not very comfortable. In winter, if we sit on it, we will feel particularly cold. So overall, its feeling of use is very bad.

②, fabric sofa.


Because there are many fabric components of the fabric sofa, the common ones are wool and fiber. So if you contact the skin directly, you will feel uncomfortable. But if we buy some natural cotton and linen, wool, silk and other materials, it feels very comfortable, so there is also a difference between fabric sofa.


The sofa is generally placed in the guest restaurant, and the usage rate is very high. We may need to clean in a period of time. Therefore, when we buy sofa, we must consider the problem of sofa cleaning. For the fabric sofa and leather sofa, from the perspective of cleaning difficulty, I personally think that the leather sofa is better.

① There are some stains on the ordinary leather sofa, and we can easily wipe it off.

However, for some more severe stains, such as watercolor pens, water -based pens are stained on the leather sofa, it is not easy to clean up. But one of them is that if it is a high -end leather, it is also afraid of water and stains. It is also prone to scratches.

Because the fabric sofa is made of imitation fabrics. Depending on the different types of our choice, different types of waterproof, oil -proof, pollution -proof and other types are divided into different types. However, there are many gaps on the surface of the fabric sofa, so the broken slag is easy to enter. In other words, it is easy to hide dirt. In addition, if there is pollution, it is difficult to clean up. As mentioned above, some stains cannot be cleaned at all. So in terms of cleaning difficulty, the fabric sofa is not as good as the leather sofa.



When we buy sofas, we also need to consider the service life of the sofa, that is, the durability of the sofa. If we buy a set of sofas and use it for a year or two, it is broken, and it cannot be used, then it must be a bad sofa. For this reason, I recommend the following points of attention.

① For the leather sofa, I personally think that the service life is very low.


Although many friends say that the leather sofa can be used for many years, most of the sofas we buy are actually not leather. Even the leather is a low -end leather. Therefore Essence The other is that our sofa is difficult to achieve regular maintenance. Therefore, the aging traces of aging slowly appeared, resulting in the short period of use of the leather sofa.


The service life of the fabric sofa is very long. No matter what kind of fabric we use, its service life can basically reach several years. But everyone needs to pay attention to the higher -grade fabric sofa, that is, its materials are high -end materials, so the service life is short. The more ordinary fabric fabrics, the longer the service life of its usage. One of the biggest defects of the fabric sofa is that after washing multiple times, some damage and fading may occur, but it does not affect use.


Like the use of the sofa in our house for a few years, we may want to remove it and clean it. Although the sofa is cleaned every year, it is inevitable. It needs to be cleaned into some dust in its gap. From this perspective, you need to judge yourself.

① For leather sofas or leather sofas, everyone does not need to consider cleaning.

Because we can’t remove it and clean it again. In addition, even the renovation of the leather is actually a process of re -polishing. Therefore, in terms of cleaning and renovation, leather sofa is actually simple renovation and maintenance. Then there will inevitably exist quality defects, such as cracks. Therefore, the leather sofas of many families are almost not refurbished, and they are thrown away after a few years.

If it is a relatively low -end fabric sofa, you can really wash it casually. After we removed it, put it on the washing machine and hung again. However, some high -end materials need to follow the explanation of the washing standards strictly, especially the fabrics containing pure wool and silk. Be careful when washing, but can also be washed.

Environmental friendly

The environmental protection here refers to whether our sofa has a taste. Like many friends to distribute the sand at home, I always feel that the sofa has a odor. In fact, I personally think that this is not environmentally friendly. And if we compare the two types of fabric sofas and leather sofas, then I personally think that we should focus on the following two points.


① The taste of the leather sofa is obviously focused.

In fact, many friends feel that the leather sofa or leather sofa has a odor, and it is not the taste of the leather. In fact, it is a taste of treatment agent. Therefore, the leather sofa contains certain pollution, which is indeed not as good as the fabric sofa.

② There will also be some odor on the fabric sofa.


In fact, it is the taste on the textile machine, and the taste of the chromosome of the fabric material. Of course, some materials may be used for formaldehyde -containing products. So when we buy fabric sofas, we also need to pay attention. Check whether the material of the fabric meets the standard before buying. Do not buy it, there are no standard fabric sofas.

Price factor

When we buy sofas, we may consider price factors. To judge the quality of the two sofas, it is also necessary to consider price factors. Because different prices are actually unable to compare directly. So we need to understand the price of fabric sofas and leather sofas.

① Like the leather sofa we see, everyone goes to the market to turn around, and the difference between the leather sofa will be very large.

Because even if it is a leather sofa, its price is from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, and tens of thousands of yuan are all available, so the price differences that hurt it is very flat. For example, the price of our common leather sofas may reach 3,000 yuan, or even more than 4,000 yuan. The better is tens of thousands of yuan, and some even tens of thousands of yuan.

Because the price of fabric fabrics of fabric sofas is also available from more than ten yuan to thousands of yuan, the price difference between its fabric sofa is also very large. The price of relatively high -end fabrics in China is generally more than tens of dollars. And the price of the fabric sofa, everyone can also understand that it will basically reach more than 2,000 yuan. In fact, if you choose four or five thousand yuan, it will be very good.

Other factors

When buying a sofa in our family, we must consider many factors. The point is that we must also consider our indoor living environment, so I will provide you with the following two suggestions.

① If we have pets in our house, this is a person who reminds everyone to pay attention when choosing a sofa.

At this time, the choice of choice given is cotton, which is the ordinary fabric sofa. The second choice is some of the low -end simulation. Finally, you can choose a linen. It is not recommended that you choose high -end leather. Because the pet’s claw scratches are still very powerful.

② Consider the characteristics of the region.

Here we mainly consider the region of our place. If it is very humid, and the damp southern region, I personally think that the leather sofa is not easy to use. In the cold and dry place in the north, I personally think that the leather sofa is also good, but the fabric sofa can also be selected.




When we choose the sofa, the first thing we want to see is the fabric of the sofa, and then look at the shape of the sofa. In fact, the types of sofas selected by different families are different, and everyone must pay attention. For example, ordinary leather sofas should be distinguished from leather sofa. Because the feeling of the leather sofa is really different from the leather. There are also many fabrics of our fabric sofa. So before buying the sofa, you have to ask these questions clearly. For example, if there are pets in our family, we must make it clear to the sofa sales staff and avoid it to use it normally after buying, so that it will be lost.

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②, fabric sofa.

②, fabric sofa.

②, fabric sofa.

②, fabric sofa.