Pure dry goods! Hardware chooses like this, furniture is used for 20 years more

The previous article was popularized with you. For common furniture such as cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, etc., it is often not the “fragile” wooden plates that really determine their life span. Instead, they think that they are very durable.

Hardware Accessories

Essence Since the hardware accessories are so important, how to choose? Today, I will focus on the focus of the selection of hardware accessories.

Hardware accessories can be divided into approximately divided into

Basic hardware, functional hardware, decorative hardware

The most important of these is the basic hardware. After all, the basic hardware mainly carries the connection effect of furniture components, such as hinges, wrapping, hand -pulling, etc., which is an indispensable and important part of it.

1. hinge

Hinges are also called “harmonious pages” by many people, but for wardrobes and cabinets, the importance of hinges is not just a pair of pages that can be represented.

The hinge not only assumes the duties of the connection of the cabinet and the door panel, but also to bear the weight of the door panel. More importantly,, it is more important.

A ordinary family needs to open and close more than ten times a day, or even more than twenty times


This is to test the quality of the hinge.

If you do not choose a good hinge, it will not only affect the daily experience as simple, but even the hidden safety hazards of the cabinet doors will fall off.


Select the focus:

1. Preferential selection of the hinge of the big brand, such as

The DuPont hardware hinge in the United States can still be used normally after more than 50,000 times or more, and it is very durable.


2. For the special environment of the damp and so smoke in the kitchen, the hardware accessories must be selected from stainless steel or

DuPont hardware Alico electroplating process


Cold -rolled steel, so as to prevent rust and corrosion.

3. The hinge is best matched with a damped device to slow down the impact on the cabinet with the force switching cabinet door. It is not only safe, but also mute and enhance the daily experience.

Two, sliding rails


The sliding rail is also called slide and guide rails. It is mainly used for drawer furniture or mobile cabinet doors. No matter how beautiful drawers and cabinet doors are, if you do not choose a slide rail, it will not only affect the daily experience, but also determine the drawer and the cabinet door for a long time. durable.

There are many types of slide rails, but the main is the side slide rails (two -section and three rails), horsesy pumping, etc., like hinges, many sliding rails currently have damping, which can protect furniture and mute. Avoid accidental injuries to themselves because of quickly closely.

1. Look at the damping. The damping sliding rail is not much more expensive than the sliding rail without damping. If it is used by your home, it is recommended to use the damping slide rail more smoothly.

2. Look at smooth. In the process of selecting the sliding rail, you can repeatedly push the pull to feel its smoothness. There is no sound and obstruction.

3. Look at the load. When choosing a drawer sliding rail, you can open the drawer and then press the orbit at the bottom properly to see if there is a flip or loosening situation. Do not choose if there is any.

Three, pull hands

If you want to say the most common furniture hardware accessories, there are all kinds of handlers. The handle is mainly divided into three categories: plug -in, hidden, and embedded. Although the requirements of handle handle are not as high as the hinge, we also have to consider the following few. point.

1. Material

The material of handle is very diverse, including metal materials, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, etc., as well as non -metal materials, such as solid wood, plastic, leather, etc.


Although the solid wood handle has a good appearance, it is not moisture -proof, and the plastic handle is relatively not durable. The leather handle hand is worse. Therefore, the metal handle hand is more suitable.


2. Appearance

Choosing the handle is mainly based on the appearance. It is necessary to match the overall home style. For example, the new Chinese style and the Nordic style can use ceramic and solid wood tapers. In modern, simple and luxurious style, you can use alloy, copper, leather handle.

The quality of the furniture is often hidden in the small details of “inconspicuous”. When you choose the furniture, you must not ignore the importance of hardware accessories. It is best to ask what brand of hardware accessories of the merchants. Tig Poems, Austria’s Belong, DuPont Hardware in the United States are all trusted big brands.

Select the focus:

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