Ten German teenagers take a tent and have a bonfire in the New Year!Netizen: Shouldn’t you be detained for 15 days?

In order to welcome the arrival of the new year, 10 young people in Berlin, Germany went to the top of the mountain, set up 5 tents, gave birth to fire, self -portrait chatting the scenery, New Year’s Eve together!(Picture from Oriental IC)


Before the sky was dark, the tent had been settled, and people began to talk about 2017, and they were looking forward to the future 2018.(Picture from Oriental IC)


After Tianming, the fire that gave birth to yesterday night was extinguished, leaving only some ashes leaving smoke!Chinese netizens: Shouldn’t be fined 2,000 yuan in mountains and forests, should we be detained for 15 days?(Picture from Oriental IC)

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