The magnetic pole coil does not match the battery loss, the electric startup composite fault repair example

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Author: Longxing World

A CG125 top electromechanical startup cannot be used normally. The customer requires maintenance. After picking up the car, press the start button motor speed very slowly. The measurement battery is measured for power. In terms of appearance, or the date, it proves that the customer did not lie, and initially suspected that there was a failure of the charging system.

Start the vehicle with your feet and find that the charging voltage is abnormal. The measurement and exchange output is only about 20 volts when the export is exported at 5000 rpm. Experienced friends will think of the problem of the electric coil. The octagonal coil, replaced with a new winding coil. When I was installed, I suddenly thought of the magnetic steel degeneration?

Touch the magnet on the magnetic steel with a filament knife to test this magnetic strength. I do n’t know if I try it. Although the strength of the magnetic force is enough, the number of magnetic blocks is only 4, which means 4 Extreme magnetic steel with an eight -pole winding, which turned out to be the root cause.

This is obviously the “oolong array” set up by the master of the last hand, secretly rejoicing, maybe there are not many eyes, maybe it may be dropped, so the details are very important.

This is a typical magnetic steel that does not match the coil. With the consent of the customer, replace it with a new magnetic steel reinstatement, start the vehicle, and the speed of the speed of more than 50V is added to 5000 rpm. Checking the charging voltage and charging current has returned to normal.

Look at the power startup. Although the battery is charged, when starting, whether it is smooth from the sound of the motor or the speed of the speed, the battery is preliminarily evaluated by a handheld discharge meter. When the magnetic motor is covered, I saw that the bridge gear bearing position was a bit abnormally raised.



After that, when the filament is tightened, it will compress the bridge teeth too tightly. If you want to do it again and again, relax the three screws of the bridge tooth cover, press the start button, and start the motor and turn it slightly. Replace it with a new teeth, and the fault is eliminated.

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