The 85 -year -old gallbladder becomes “ceramic”, and 7 peanuts are stones in the inside

Gallbladder stones can have a very unfavorable effect on the patient’s body, which will cause patients to suffer from abdominal pain. Patients will be tortured by disease. The gallbladder stones are mainly caused by unreasonable diet structure, especially the elderly suffer from gallbladder vessels. Stones should take corresponding treatment measures according to the physical condition, and hide 7 peanut rice stones in the inside. Let’s take a closer look.


According to her mother -in -law’s children, as early as ten years ago, her mother -in -law was found to have gallbladder stones, and she had vomiting “yellow water” several times. When she was at the hospital, the doctor considers that she had a high age and suggested that she conservative treatment. Ten years have passed, and from time to time, her mother -in -law has abdominal pain and has been tortured.

Last year, Zhang’s mother -in -law was admitted to the hospital twice due to abdominal pain. During the recent hospital treatment, the hospital’s examination found that Zhang’s mother -in -law’s gallbladder had expanded. If surgical treatment was not taken in time, it may face life -threatening. The unbearable mother -in -law Zhang resolutely decided that she must undergo surgical treatment.

Recently, Zhang’s mother -in -law underwent surgery at Sichuan Stone Disease Hospital. Director of the Department of Hepatobiliary Department of the hospital found that Zhang’s gallbladder’s gallbladder has been completely calcified, and it is a very rare completely ceramic gallbladder. There are 7 gallbladder stones in the size of peanuts.

Patient’s calcified gallbladder must be removed immediately, but the gallbladder has severely adhered to the surrounding tissue and the liver, which is very difficult. It took more than 3 hours to completely peel and remove the “ceramic gallbladder” in Zhang’s belly. Subsequently, the gallbladder mana was investigated for Zhang’s mother -in -law. At present, her mother -in -law has a good recovery.

Ceramic gallbladder is a wide range of gallbladder walls, manifested as biliary colic and cholecystitis, which is a rare disease, only 0.06%to 0.8%of the cholecystectomy resection specimen. Ceramics gallbladder is divided into two categories. One is part of the gallbladder wall, and the other is the complete penetration of the gallbladder wall.

There are 7 peanuts and rice stones in the inside. Gallbladder stones are common stones. However, when stones, patients with stones should take corresponding treatment measures according to physical conditions and the size of the stones. Patients can consider surgical resection, but for the older age Patients can take laser gravel for treatment.

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