The “change” and “unchanged” in the eyes of a small home appliance company

March, the price increase of commodities in March, the rise in maritime shipping in May, the pressure on power supply in September … Since this year, the challenges faced by foreign trade companies have faced one after another.


From October 15th to 19th, the 130th Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou for the first time in the form of “online+offline”. For many foreign trade companies, it will be self -evident for many foreign trade companies.

“We have not showed it completely for almost two years, so this time we have prepared a lot of innovative products and technologies.” Zeng Zhanhui, president of Guangdong Xinbao Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinbao Co., Ltd.”) The reporter said in an interview.

Stress coffee machine. (Photo confession of Xinbao shares in CCTV)

As one of the world’s largest small home appliances, Xinbao has participated in the Canton Fair since the 1990s, witnessing and experiencing the “changes” and “unchanged” of the Canton Fair for more than 20 years.


Changes have been happening, especially in the past two years.

Since the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, the Canton Fair has been transferred from offline to online to host three sessions. Nowadays, in the context of consolidating the strategic achievements of the overall epidemic prevention and control and the strategic economic and social development strategy, the 130th Canton Fair is held for the first time in a “online+offline” integration.

“Based on the new rules of the Canton Fair, we are also combined online and offline this time to participate in the exhibition.” Facing such a special Canton Fair, Zeng Zhanhui “calm” a lot. “When we were doing online live broadcast last year, we were relatively strange. After one or two exercises, the expression of product selling points and innovation points has matured a lot. “

As an veteran exhibitor, Zeng Zhanhui believes that the application of online Internet tools allows products to be presented for a long time and cross -region, which is also the biggest change in the Canton Fair in recent years. “The session of each Canton Fair is very short. Through the online exhibition, it can exist on the Internet for a longer period of time. It is a very important measure for buyers to have the opportunity to find the product.” This is a very important measure. “

If the timeline is stretched and the changes in the Canton Fair have been observed over the past ten years, he believes that the Canton Fair has transformed from a trading platform more to a display stage for corporate image and strength.

Zeng Zhanhui revealed that at the 130th Canton Fair, Xinbao shares will show the entire booth as the big background of the live broadcast to display the product. “The online live broadcast may be a product display. Now after combining offline exhibitions, we can display our products more in batches.”

Drop coffee machine. (Photo confession of Xinbao shares in CCTV)

At this Canton Fair, Xinbao shares divided the products into several levels, including kitchen appliances and domestic appliances. “The first -class category also increases. For example, the refrigeration product, we originally only had ice makers, and now we also increased the mobile air conditioner, wetting machine, ice cream machine, ice cream machine, etc.”. “


Under the first -class category, Xinbao will also display core technological innovation products. “For example, there is a coffee machine in the kitchen appliances, some of which are completely mute, and the effects and taste of some finished products are ‘enthusiasts’ levels’.


Despite the changes in the times, the offline Canton Fair is always difficult to replace.

“In the past, as long as there were new products, we would launch video conferences with customers, so it is difficult to distinguish between the online meeting of the online Canton Fair.” Zeng Zhanhui said.

However, through the offline Canton Fair, a centralized display of the window at the same time can be achieved. “Merchants not only look at our products, but also the competitive products of other peers. By comparing, we show our technical advantages. At the same time, we will make products for many merchants to release products, and the efficiency will be much higher.”

Zeng Zhanhui said frankly that for Xinbao’s shares, the Canton Fair has always been a very important display of self -platform, which can concentrate the product results of the corresponding stage.


“This time we mainly brought the product technology that has accumulated more than the same year to the customer, especially the main technology product.” Zeng Zhanhui said.

Car refrigerator. (Photo confession of Xinbao shares in CCTV)

Looking back at more than 20 years, the Canton Fair has also witnessed the growth process of Xinbao shares from scratch, from nothing to excellent.

Zeng Zhanhui remembered that at a Canton Fair in 2000, Xinbao launched two series of products: pink green and pink, and became famous in World War I. “From that time, we moved from the corner to the main channel.”

In around 2016, Xinbao began to set up a confidential room at the Canton Fair, using relatively semi -open means to display technological innovation products, attracting merchants to line up long queues, and becoming a must -visit point for the Canton Fair.

In Zeng Zhanhui’s view, the Canton Fair gathers the global buyers and sellers, and is still an important platform for expanding the circle of friends.

“For example, the refrigeration products exhibited this time, the original traditional customers are difficult to cover this product, but the Canton Fair is a very good opportunity for display. We hope that the cooling product has a perfect first show to bring to the new friend.” Zeng Zhanhui said Essence


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