Global big company dynamics (20180919): Google will cooperate with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi League

ALPHABET Inc.’s Google (Google) has taken a major step in entering the automotive industry. It will cooperate with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to develop a media display equipment using the technology company Android operating system.

In the end, millions of cars sold worldwide will be installed. The alliance will launch the above -mentioned new system in 2021 to better integrate Google’s maps, app stores and voice control assistants on the dashboard. Google has been trying to replicate its success in the smartphone business in the automotive field for more than ten years.

Volkswagen said on Monday that its truck department Traton should be able to prepare for listing before the end of the year. It is expected to be listed in the mid -2019

Essence The Public Corporation Supervisory Board decided to reorganize the legal structure of Tra on Monday to the European Co., Ltd. (SE). Volkswagen and Japan’s Hino will share electric trucks and electric technology. In addition to providing electric trucks developed by each other, the two sides will also share development results. Traton also plans to let His Majesty MAN brand and China Sinotruk form a joint venture. MAN will develop a heavy truck for the Chinese market, and the two companies will also consider whether to cooperate technically.

Audi AG is cooperating with Internet giant Inc., aiming to provide household charging equipment for the U.S. users of the Audi E-TRON electric sport-type multi-purpose vehicle (SUV)

Essence This is the first time that car manufacturers have launched such cooperation with Amazon. HOME Services (Home Services) will allow E-TRON buyers to browse information and prices related to home charging equipment and installation. E-Tron is the first of the three full electric vehicles that Audi plans to push to the market by 2020.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the largest car producer in the UK, said that it will implement a three -day arrangement of three days a week in the Castle Bromwich factory in central UK, which will affect about 1,000 employees but can avoid layoffs.

Last week, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Schwede, warned that the wrong Brexit Agreement may lead to tens of thousands of jobs in the automotive industry, and the company’s production is facing risks, especially when the customs inspection causes delays in ports and highways in the port and highways. In the case.

RV manufacturer Thor Industries Inc said on Tuesday that the company’s agreement acquires a private company Erwin Hymer Group in cash and stocks with a cash of 2.1 billion euros ($ 3.6 billion)

The consolidated company will become the world’s largest RV manufacturer. Ericin Hymer is expected to create more than 2.5 billion euros in fiscal 2018 (as of August). The company has more than 1,200 retail dealers.

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) began a second trial of the dispute between Apple (Apple) and the world’s largest mobile chip producer Qualcomm (Apple) and the world’s largest mobile chip producer on Monday on Monday.

Essence The focus of the dispute between the two companies is whether Apple should be prohibited from importing several new iPhone products to the US market. The trial on Monday was the second time Qualcomm’s two legal attacks launched by Apple for ITC. Qualcomm requested trade judges to prohibit imports of iPhone mobile phones containing Intel modem (Modem) chips. This chip helps mobile phones connect with wireless data networks.

Apple’s smart watches and wireless headphones have not been listed by the United States for $ 200 billion of Chinese goods that are included in tariffs.

Because Apple almost all devices are assembled in China, with the Trump administration’s plan to levy tariffs on larger Chinese imported products, its smart watches, AirPods wireless headphones and other devices may be affected. Earlier this month, this month At that time, Apple had warned this risk.

Samsung Electronics Co., Electronics CO., created a “5G city” at Mizuhara headquarters in South Korea to show how to apply this new wireless technology to build a more intelligent and safer city

Essence In this “5G city”, Samsung installed the company’s network equipment at a busy crossroad, as well as 10 video cameras and sensors to monitor weather, transportation, and even pedestrians in real time.

NOKIA CO., a communication network equipment manufacturer, has dismissed 250 positions in Naperville in the United States, and is expected to further dismiss 250 positions

Essence This is part of global cost -saving measures. Nokia did not give the target of the total number of global layoffs, but the union estimated that there were 10,000-15,000 positions facing threats. As of the end of 2017, Nokia’s total number of employees in the world was about 103,000.

Indonesia’s unicorn company, called car platform GO-JEK is seeking to raise at least 2 billion US dollars in the latest round of financing

Compared with the 5 billion to 6 billion US dollars of valuations reached at the beginning of this year, the latest financing round will make Go-Jek a much higher valuation. Go-Jek has attracted investment from China Internet Group Tencent and several other related companies. One of Go-Jek’s most popular service is the cheap car call service. The food delivery service is becoming more and more important for Go-Jek. Go-Jek has also become one of Indonesia’s largest mobile payment platform.

American Insurance Commercial CINC Group (CIGNA) and Drug Welfare Management Company Express Scripts Holding said on Monday, on Monday,

Xinnuo’s transaction with a $ 52 billion acquisition of shortcut prescriptions has passed the US antitrust review, which will enable the two companies to advance the merger plan

Essence The new company will combine the business of the Xinnuo management enterprise and government health insurance plan with the role of fast -growing prescriptions to handle drug benefits for such customers.

BHP Billiton plans to delete the second half of the company’s name this year, which is the next step of the company’s brand to reshape

The focus of this operation is to emphasize the Australian origin of this world’s largest listed mining company. In a document submitted to the Australian Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Bitong Billita said that the shareholders will be asked to rename the company to vote on the company’s name “BHP Group”. In May last year, the company changed the new logo of “BHP” and deleted the three stylized water droplets in the logo for many years.

Singapore Enterprise Group Sembcorp Industries LTD., which operates markets and public utilities, stated on Tuesday that the company has signed a 20 -year renewable energy supply contract with Facebook Inc.

It provides solar energy for Facebook’s data centers and other businesses that will establish an area of ​​170,000 square meters in Singapore. The above agreement will make Shengke Industry the first renewable energy supplier of Facebook in Asia.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, said on Monday that the company’s first paid passenger will be Japan’s billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who will fly to space in 2023 to space.

Return to the moon. Musk said that he and Qian Zeyou will not disclose the cost of this month’s journey. As an art collector, Qian Zeyou said that he would invite six to eight artists to participate in the journey of the Monthly Month as a way to inspire them. Qian Zeyou said that this is my dream of life.

Special Chemical Company Univar Inc said on Monday that the company plans to acquire chemical products and plastic distributors for $ 2 billion in cash and stock

Essence The agreement has been approved by the board of directors of the two companies.

Novartis and Tencent signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation to create a patient -oriented digital medical and health service innovation model

Essence The two parties will explore the pioneering combination of medical and health fields with Internet technology, and take the lead in conducting pilots in terms of drug traceability, medication services, disease management, medical science and other aspects to jointly create a practical and feasible patient service innovation model, and gradually promote all -round and full life. Integrated health management of the cycle.


Denmark Pharmaceutical Company NOVO NORDISK A/S said on Tuesday that in order to increase investment in the core and new treatment fields, about 400 people will lay off in Denmark and China in Danish and China.

Essence As part of the corporate strategy, Nuo and Nord will also set up four new research subsidiaries in Denmark, the United States and the United Kingdom, which will focus on the fields of stem cell research. Novo Nord will also greatly increase investment in automation and digital capabilities such as machine learning, artificial intelligence.

Huadong Medicine Co., which was confirmed on Tuesday that it had already bid about 166.6 million pounds ($ 218.6 million) to acquire Sinclair PHARMA PLC.

Food Giant Nestle (Nestle) said on Monday that the company agreed to sell its life business GERBER LIFE Insurance for $ 1.55 billion in cash to Western & SOUTHERN Financial Group.

Essence The business in 2017 was $ 856 million. However, the transaction does not include GERBER product business, infant food and nursing brands.

Haidilao raised 7.56 billion Hong Kong dollars (US $ 963 million) through Hong Kong’s first public offering (IPO), and the issuance price was scheduled to be high-end in the guidance price of 140-17.80 Hong Kong dollars.

Essence The final issuing price has made Haidilao’s market value reaching US $ 12.02 billion, and the stock will start to be listed on September 26. If 15%of the options for sale are executed and the demand for strong, then the financing scale of Haidilao may expand to HK $ 8.69 billion, with a market value of US $ 12.16 billion.

HNA Group (HNA Group) has doubts about the purchase prospects of 7.5 billion yuan ($ 1.2 billion) of

Essence HNA Group’s subsidiary HNA Technology announced in April this year that it plans to spend $ 1.2 billion to acquire all control of Dangdang was listed in New York. HNA Technology has attracted multiple inquiries from the Shanghai Stock Exchange for the $ 1.2 billion of the $ 1.2 billion of this exit e -commerce platform. The transaction has been dragged again and again. Since the initial acquisition announcement issued half a year ago, HNA has not reported any progress.

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