What details should I pay attention to when buying the sofa in Xi’an Office

A strong sense of design


Good design is also reflected in whether the design of the office sofa structure integrates considerable technical content. Some office sofas use blue steel spring, which is very flexible. The sofa in the unique office furniture depends on whether customers need traditional office sofas or modern office sofas.

Good office sofas are very comfortable when you sit down, but you can feel strong support. The bottom of the good office sofa generally has zipper, which can open the inspection spring and filling. A good office sofa is very comfortable for all kinds of sitting positions, and sitting on the leg will sink in; ordinary sitting positions will be moderate and strong, good office sofas will be heavier, but the leather office sofa is generally heavier than the fabric office sofa; good office office; good office office After the noise reduction is treated with noise, there will be a spring.


Sino -Swiss famous furniture

Attention to detail

The details of the office sofa, except for what you can see, such as whether there are flaws, whether the stitching is fine, whether the width of the cushion meets your body needs, whether it is coordinated with the office sofa. In addition, some details are relatively easy to ignore. Be sure to pay attention when buying an office sofa.


Office sofa foot

This detail needs to be carefully checked. This mainly depends on whether it is strong. If this part of the gap, the office sofa will be uncomfortable. Some office sofa legs are made of wood, some are made of metal, and some of the pulleys.


Many office sofas now use frameworks and cushion structures, slightly exposing shiny metal and leather materials, creating wild and unruly effects. Then this part of the exposed boundary must be checked clearly, which has a small flaw that affects the overall effect.

Fabric sofa set

Office furniture manufacturers tell you that you must carefully check whether it is easy to disassemble and clean it in the future. Some sofas use high -tech, and this fabric will not penetrate water and oil. You have to experiment yourself to avoid being foolish by the so -called “unusual”.

Office sofa

Good Xi’an office furniture and sofa filling must be environmentally friendly. Open the zipper of the office sofa and check carefully when buying. If there is no zipper, the guide must be required to issue a corresponding monitoring report. Without these, you must pay attention to the office sofa. Quality is a problem.

Xi’an Zhongrui Mingshi Furniture System Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Sino -Swiss famous furniture

Sino -Swiss famous furniture

The above is the introduction and description of office sofa, I hope it can be helpful to you.