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Nowadays, the living standards are improved, and parents are more particular about their children’s food and wear. They strive to create better material living conditions for them, but they may be blinded by false publicity in the purchase of daily necessities.

March 15th is a holiday on March 15th, and the unqualified products in the market and merchants involved in false propaganda are exposed every year. This has also raised a lot of consumption awareness, but this is not enough. A while ago, CCTV reported on the thermal insulation cups in the market. The Consumers Association randomly randomly tested 50 kinds of insulation cups, nearly half of the unqualified, as many as 19. The thermos cup that could have been used for health has become a “Destiny Cup”. After testing, the cup contains a large amount of toxic and heavy metals, and it becomes “poisonous water” after pouring in warm water. Do you still use such a poisonous cup?


Once these insulation cups are used for children, they will cause chronic poisoning, which will be harmful to health and even harm to life for a long time. Therefore, parents must be brighter to buy a thermos cup for their children.


You can refer to these points for choosing a thermos cup for your child

Carefully choose the inner bilots of the cup

The insulation cup should be viewed. Most of the insulation cups use stainless steel, but because it is directly exposed to consumption, not all stainless steels can be used. According to the national standards, food -grade stainless steel materials need to meet food safety requirements, and must strictly require the content of various alloy impurities elements such as lead and cadmium. Food -grade stainless steels on the market include 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel has a good thermal insulation effect. Although the 201 stainless steel can also be used, the insulation effect is poor.

In addition to these two types, there is also a rare 316 stainless steel. This material is generally used in the medical industry, so it is rare in the thermal insulation cup market.


Understand the production process of the cup

The common insulation cups on the market can be divided into multiple categories according to the production process. Among them, the tailless vacuum cup has the best insulation effect. When parents choose the insulation cup for their children, they should pay attention to the light quality and good thermal insulation effect.

View small accessories

In addition to the material and process, the choice of small accessories is also important, especially the sealing cushion of the cup lid. The quality of this material is not only related to the safety of use, but also affects the thermal insulation effect. It is best to choose PP or silicone in the sealing cushion material. This material not only reaches the food grade, and uses it safely and is not easy to deform, which can ensure the use time. However, the use of warm cups is too long, and the internal materials and thermal insulation effects will deteriorate, so it must be replaced regularly.


Water is the source of life. Most of the water cups are accompanied by people. It is cold and dry in winter. It should drink more hot water. Especially at school, the insulation cup is more convenient. Parents can prepare one for their children. When buying, don’t trust advertising, or just look at the brand. We must pay attention to quality. Try to buy as three as possible. Buy in regular shopping malls. Don’t be cheap.

In addition, you should also pay attention when you use it. Do not install too hot water to avoid the child’s direct drinking and burns. The water temperature is controlled at a normal drinkable temperature, or it reminds the child to open it before drinking.

Try not to load milk, soy milk, juice and other liquids in the cup. These will corrode the inner linery, which is more troublesome to clean. It is easy to breed bacteria. Parents should talk to their children.

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