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Tongtong business trip bag sharing

The last time I started Lenovo Xiaoxin, it was 2019. Xiaoxin 13PRO, this value bucket level, all -around the entire network, it is difficult to buy for a long time to buy it. And this time it was no longer Xiaoxin notebook, but his computer bag. The price of 99 is equally good!

Xiaoxin computer bag with good face value


The earliest purchase of this small new computer bag was mainly for daily commuting and business trips. My daily work allows me to carry a laptop with a laptop, a notebook, and a pile of chargers and wires with a pile of charging treasures. A light enough and being able to install a backpack is particularly important. Of course, the face value of the bag is also very important! Xiaoxin computer bag is enough!


The face value of Xiaoxin computer bag is quite good. The bag body uses splash -proof materials and contrasting color combinations similar to plastic materials. While ensuring the face value, the things in the effective protective bag can be wet by the rain. There is a certain support inside Xiaoxinbao. Even if you don’t install things, you can ensure that the bag is straight and stylish as a whole, and it will not be stingy. A compartment is hidden under the middle seam of the front, while ensuring functionality, adding a sense of design.

In the middle of the back of the bag, the band is used to fix the bag on the trolley case. The carrying of breathability is sweaty, which can ensure that the back that can not get in summer is sweaty. The strap is also wide enough to ensure the comfort in the case of large negative weight.

Can be installed enough enough

Xiaoxin’s computer bag is very light. The weight of 750g is not heavier than a bottle of mineral water. The empty bag has almost no feeling on the body. The capacity of 16L is also completely enough to commute or travel.

There are a lot of partition warehouses, and every piece of items you can carry can be found. The first is the computer warehouse. Xiaoxin’s computer partition can install a 15.6 -inch notebook. The grid bag on the outside of the computer can be loaded with fragmentation such as mobile hard disks. I carry a MacBook Air and a super large DuPont paper notebook every day. The place is entirely enough.


In addition to the computer warehouse, there are many small bags in the bag, which can be used to put on a charging line business card. The main warehouse space is not very large, but you can put down two shirts or something. One or two days of business can be fully cope.


It is worth mentioning that Xiaoxin’s computer partition uses fluffy materials and does not scratch the computer. This is great.

A warehouse with waterproof inner lining is set outside the bag. It can usually be used for water, or you can use him to install an umbrella like me. After all, there is an anti -ending, and the wet umbrella is fine.

The most intimate thing is that Xiaoxin’s computer is designed with a small side bag on the side. Usually used to put a charging treasure, it is not appropriate. When you need to charge, you only need to put the plug -in charging treasure in the side pocket and draw the charging cable to charge the phone. Very suitable for walking while walking.


Good partner of the suitcase


As a daily use of a daily shoulder bag, Xiaoxin computer bag is also common for business trips. One or two days of a short difference is enough, but a weekly business trip must be brought with a box. Xiaoxin computer bag is definitely a good partner in a suitcase.


The strap behind the backpack can well fix the backpack on the tie box. The bag is very strong, coupled with Xiaoxin’s more stylish design, the wrapped in the tie box is fixed very firmly, and it will not fall down.

The Xiaoxin computer bag not only has a raised hand on the top of the bag, but also has the side. It is convenient to carry it, but also conveniently put the bag on the box. The main warehouse zipper is very long. Even when the bag is covered on the lever, it can be easily taken to the items. If you encounter a temporarily need to use a computer when you are on a business trip, you will know how good this design is.

Remember to put it on the side bag charging treasure? Xiaoxin set can still be convenient to charge on the tie box.

At the end

As a computer bag with only 99 yuan, Xiaoxin is the same as its laptop, just one word: value!

The capacity of 16L is not small, and the commute is appropriate. There are enough barriers and highly functional designs. If you are a migrant worker like me, buying Xiaoxin for the price of the three cups of stars is really worry -free!