Stepping on the stockings leggings, meat colors and black are very versatile colors, basically matching all skirts, not too abrupt. The versatile color, comfortable fabric, wearing breathable and skin -friendly, not stinky feet, fashionable and versatile, and cut your feet to make your feet more comfortable.

In the New Year, choose a comfortable stockings leggings, with your favorite set of skirts, dating with the person you like, admiring a rare scenery, unscrupulous laughter, natural, fresh. Micro -shaped design, wearing a slim figure, without pressure wearing a plaid mini skirt.


Stockings leggings, velvet fabrics have unlimited elasticity, and any leg -shaped lady can easily control it. Compared with ordinary stockings, velvet fabrics have excellent flexibility, serving, breathability, and won’t feel boring all day long.


Stockings leggings are used by many young ladies daily dressing, so there are always several pieces at home. The gloss of the socks is high, and the skin tone and lines of the legs are well modified. Comfortable, slimming is thin, it is great as a daily match!

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