How can the room be big? What are the ways to enhance the face value of the room? How to achieve the sense of advancedness you want?

These most common problems have always troubled many families, and it is also everyone’s perennial attention. Regarding these issues, Qi Jiaxian has shared a lot of solutions today and has some designs; but Xiaobian never thought that the above can be solved well by relying on one glass.

Today, the editor of Qi Jia will tell you the application of this highly sought -after online celebrity glass in home design. In this way, the family immediately became advanced!

What are the benefits of Changhong Glass:

1. Optimize indoor lighting


The essence of Changhong glass is glass, which has high permeability of all glass. The partition does not be different as other materials.

2. The height of the visual pull -up layer

The “vertical” of vertical stripes pressing flower glass will be more likely to give people a “high” psychological suggestion than other geometric lines. For low -level units, it can relieve depression.


3. Increase the hazy beauty of the room


Bettering along the bump vertical tattoos, and the fog surface effect caused by the unlimited focus, it can create a hazy beauty at home.


4. Relieve the depression of the small space

The transparency of Changhong Glass itself, making partitions or moving doors can look more open visually. It will not be stuffy like a solid wall.

How to apply glass partition:


1. Porch partition


The use of Changhong glass at the porch can increase the transparency of the space, but retains a hint of mystery. For families that take care of privacy and are limited by small spaces, it is a good choice.


2. Dining and restaurant partition partition

The restaurant room is divided into more transparent and bright with Changhong Glass, which is generally used in the Heng Hall. Most of them are a whole or more large -size black frames, and you can also make the background wall of the sofa directly.

3. The entire wall of the kitchen

Worried that the problem of oil fume is not suitable for open kitchen, Changhong glass partitions have become a good choice. The characteristics of the glass make the people in the kitchen and living room see each other and increase communication.

4. Sanitary interval

The toilet partition is mainly used for the exterior wall of the bathroom dry and wet separation and the exterior of the hand washing basin. The space to block the sink and the corridor can also be used for space decoration.

Well, the application of glass partition today is shared here and it is over. I hope that through the content of the article, it can help you understand the uncommon side of glass in home design. It can make the room big, look good, and even improve the style. If you have a chance, will you use the element of glass at home?

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Don’t build the wall anymore! Use glass to separate, save money and look good, and crushes the mansion with transparency