Recently, several students consulted the use of calculators in the Certified Public Accountant Exam.

Today, I sorted out the technique of using the CPA test computer calculator. I hope to help candidates familiarize with the machine test system and improve the speed of answering!


Note machine test calculator


After entering the answer interface, candidates can click the “Calculator” button to turn on the computor that comes with the computer.


In particular, candidates should be reminded that although the built -in calculator of the machine test system is silently identified as the standard type, it can be switched to scientific type through the shortcut keys “ALT+2”, which can meet the needs of the exam, and the calculator supports calculations and calculations Results Copy and paste can effectively save time and improve answering efficiency.

Candidates can use the calculator to implement the calculation function in two ways.


1. Calculate results through the corresponding number and operational symbols (addition, subtraction, etc.) on the mouse click the calculator.

2. Enter the keyboard content into the area to type the corresponding number button, and click the mouse to select the operational symbol or keyboard shortcut input computing symbol to achieve the calculation result.


3. If there is a digital keyboard area on the keyboard, you can type the digital key through the Numlock key to excite the number of the digital keyboard.



After the candidate calls the calculator software to complete the calculation answer, if the candidate needs to remind himself to return to the current test question later, you can use the mouse to click the mark on the selection box for the mark.


Click the selection box again with the mouse to cancel the tag. The labeled test questions will be displayed in the “Test List” interface. The mark on the test questions will not be used as the result of answering questions, nor will it affect candidates’ scores.

Use the test questions reasonably, you can quickly find the test questions that need to be checked in a large number of test questions.

On the “Test question list” page, candidates can check the answer of the entire set of test papers at a glance, including the answering or unspeakable status of each test question. You can click on each question number button to return any test questions to check.


Calculator operation skills

Input method use tips one: simple operation

1. Switch input method to [Sogou Pinyin Input Method].

2. To use the [Sogou Pinyin Input Method] for mathematical operations, you need to enter the letters V through the input method first, which means that the mathematical computing function is enabled, and the mathematical expression is entered behind the letters V.


3. If you want to calculate a simple addition, subtraction and multiplication, you can use V and calculate directly. For example, if you want to calculate 2+3*4, enter V2+3*4 directly, as shown in the figure below:

You can choose the result directly, or the output of the formula and the result. For example, the three options of A, B, and C in the figure below, A and C are the final result, B is the formula and result, as shown in the figure below:

Input method use skills 2. Use function

1. The standard input of the query function expression: Input the letters v after switching to [Sogou Pinyin Input Method], and the function menu of the [Sogou Pinyin Input Method] pops up.

2. In the [Sogou Pinyin Input Method] functional window, read the [View function list], as shown in the figure below:

(1) In the pop -up function list page, you can view all the functions supported by [Sogou Pinyin Input Method], as shown in the figure below:


(2) After entering the function list, click the function to be entered through the mouse, check the standard format of the expression below its page, and perform the content in the input operation in accordance with the standard format.

[Sogou Pinyin Input Method] Function Example:


Common shortcut keys

Common functional term explanation

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