After the winter solstice, the weather became colder. It is not an exaggeration to describe it in cold cold. After the lazy weekend, we ushered in a new week. Everyone still has to work, study, and live step by step.

The warmth in winter is naturally the first. Fashion and beauty cannot be ignored. It’s New Year’s Day, the new year is coming. The following is a salty and sweet coat cotton dress, gentle and sweet, strong festival atmosphere, and more suitable for small people.

Lamb Cashmere Jacket + Skirt Skirt


Wool floss jacket, unique granular fabric, with a strong girl style, is a very sweet and age -reducing single product. In winter, it can take care of the warmth. The small girl has no pressure to wear it, but it is sweet and sweet.

The short lamb cashmere jacket can be soft and sweet, handsome and free. The length of the waist is more friendly to the little girl. This jacket will have a certain sense of expansion visually. In order to avoid wearing a decoration, it is as simple as possible to put on the inside.

The lamb cashmere jacket has a thick grainy itself, and it is not suitable for conventional stacking. The inside is mainly based on simple atmosphere. Leisure -style sweaters, lazy sweaters, or slim bottoming shirts are all good choices. With straight pants and cool handsomeness, laziness with a checkered skirt.

Lamb coat, which is essentially different from lamb hairy jacket. Lamb can be more delicate, and the granular feeling is not so obvious. While keeping warm, there is a clear sense of texture, the upper body has more literary and artistic atmosphere, and the playful college is overflowing.


Especially with a lamb cashmere jacket embellished with horn, art is artistic and reduced. The straight version is full of tolerance. The little girl can choose the knee on the knee, and the skirt of the knee to make the layering more clear and the visual high.

Short down jacket + straight pants

The little girl will prefer short down jackets. The down jacket is warm and thick, and the only disadvantage is bloated and fat. At this time, choosing a short version can appropriately show a playful and cute sense, and it can also cover up the shortcomings of height.

In the new year, warm and soft dress has a festive atmosphere. Small girls can play more easily, artistic style, sweet girl style, various styles to switch at will, more fashion. Short down jackets can choose soft colors appropriately.

The length of the short down jacket does not need to be too short. Generally, you choose the position that just over the waist and the cricket, covering the abdomen, and optimizing the proportion of the body. With a pair of straight pants, the proportion of legs is longer. This simple and warm dress is also suitable for small girls.

The combination of straight pants and short down jackets is a more casual and neat combination. After all, the straight pants are more straight and upright, which can outline long legs. The short down jacket is casual and comfortable, and even the appropriate and loose version can be more playful and lively.

The short down jacket and the trousers with straight tube form a style of upper width and tightness. This loose and tight match can outline a better proportion. With a pair of simple black short boots, with the beauty of cool fashion in handsomeness.

Long down jacket + basic jeans


The long down jacket, although a little longer, is more warm. Many small girls are prohibitive about long down jackets, but in fact, as long as they are properly matched, long down jackets can also wear tall and stylish beauty.

When we choose long down jackets, try not to choose too loose silhouette tailoring. On the basis of long models, if the version is too loose, it is particularly easy to widen the ratio of sight, and there is a short and fat effect.


Therefore, the long down jacket can be used as the H -shaped design of the straight tube to enhance the vertical proportion to achieve a more simple and high effect. Basic jeans, cool fashion. With long down jackets, it is seamless and perfect.


Today’s down jackets also have various styles to choose from. In particular, the Picker style down jacket in the straight tube has more handsome style, reducing bloating, and particularly fashionable and thin. When the little girl chooses the conflicted down jacket, she can choose the waist design as much as possible, or use tall pockets to increase the proportion of the waistline.

The long down jacket of Picker wind is more warm and not too bloated. It is a pair of jeans, which is casual and cool. Relatively conventional down jackets are more gentle. With slim jeans, it is sweet and sweet.

Mao woolen coat + nine -point pants

If cotton clothes and down jackets are exclusive to the northern girl, the girls in the south will prefer hair coats even more. The weather in the south is not so cold, a woolen coat is enough to keep warm, warm, elegant, calm, atmospheric, give you all the beauty.


Retro -style woolen coats, with elegant feelings, more beauty of artistic conception. The classic dark color, the color is stronger, and the visual is not so eye -catching. It is a more elegant and atmospheric style.

Jujube red, caramel, black -gray, are more delicate and restrained colors. This kind of color is dull and low -key. We can combine light -colored lines, or with a strong plaid dress with a strong sense of atmosphere to create a different beauty of artistic conception.

Simple woolen coats can interpret more romantic tenderness. Especially rice white, light gray, oats, this series of light -colored woolen coats, gentle with a sweet temperament, more delicate and soft. With a soft knitted bottom shirt inside, the temperament is more mild and delicate.

Such a woolen coat with a gentle and generous beauty. With the nine -point straight pants, the straight legs were outlined, and there was no pressure even if the small man was worn. The fresh and beautiful canvas shoes or small white shoes make the overall shape more youthful.


Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now you know the little girl, how should I wear clothes and match in winter, share the fashion trend knowledge every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)




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