Tea crystal bracelets imply Zhongzhen, symbolizing beauty, suitable for couples to wear, which can enhance personal charm. Tea Jing also symbolizes the action. It is so high and far away. People with low eyes and low eyes can wear and reduce. In terms of appearance, Chajing gives people a sense of Bingqingyu and Jie, so it also has a noble and pure meaning.

Tea crystal bracelets mean loyalty, beauty, etc., the west is called “Guardian Stone of Love”. Wearing tea crystal bracelets can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and can also enhance personal charm.

For some people who are so high and high, the tea crystal bracelets symbolize the action, which can reduce it. At the same time, wearing tea crystal bracelets can make people’s personality more stable and relieve spiritual pressure. Tea crystal has the role of soothing people.


The tea crystal bracelet also imply the noble and pure quality, because the appearance of the tea crystal bracelet gives people a sense of Bingqingyujie and the jade, so people have been given a beautiful and noble meaning, because of their pure colors, they are loved by people.

Tea crystal is a representative crystal of stable crystal. Wearing tea crystal bracelets can make you more stable and solid, and can improve the frivolous and irritability in personality, make the gas field precipitates, and then precipitate your thoughts and see the complex situation. Tea crystals can also strengthen the function of the human immune system, make human cells active, slow down the aging rate, and restore youthful vitality.


The effect of wearing a tea crystal bracelet

Tea crystal bracelets have a stable emotional effect. When wearing it, it can help stabilize the energy of the human body. The wearer can also maintain a better state. In addition, tea crystal bracelets have been used as amulets in ancient times. People think that wearing tea crystal bracelets can avoid dirty things.

1. Stable emotions

Stable emotions are one of the main effects of tea crystal bracelets. For people with emotional instability, wearing tea crystal bracelets can stabilize the energy of the human body, and wearers can also maintain a stable state, so that the wearer can give people a kind of person sense of security.

2. Bao Ping An

Tea crystal has been used as a amulet in ancient times. In order to wear tea crystal bracelets on the body, people can avoid dirty things. At the same time, they can also remove the turbid gas and sick gas.

3. Increase temperament


In addition, the tea crystal bracelet also has the effect of increasing its own temperament. The color of the tea crystal looks deep and charming, and it can show the transparent and luster of the glass. Wearing it can add an elegant and charming temperament to itself.