If you want to run a fruit shop, please start from Chongqing Aquatic Fruit Carrhars display rack

It is said that the healthy diet is heavy. Many people smell business opportunities and start running a fruit shop, but where should I start preparing as a novice? In fact, in addition to business problems in a store business, it also has a lot to do with the selection of shelves in the store. Without choosing a good shelves, the display effect is not available. The goods cannot grasp the eyeballs of customers and cannot inspire the desire to buy. Therefore, everyone should start preparing from the fruit shop shelf. Today, the editor of Watson’s office furniture will tell you about the small knowledge about the selection of the fruit shop shelves!

Fruit shop shelves

1. How to choose the material of the fruit shop shelf?

Generally, there are two main materials for the material of the fruit stores, steel and wooden fruit frames and solid wood water fruits. They are easy to do, beautiful wood texture, good display effect, and are more suitable for the positioning of boutique fruit shops.


2. What are the common styles of fruit shops?

Fruit shops are commonly divided into the following styles: Nakajima Water Fruit Bridge, Wall Water Fruit Bridge, Promotion Fruit Bridge, etc.

1. Nakajima Water Fruit Bridge: Generally, it refers to the low cabinet placed in the middle of the shop. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can use space to increase the display area. In addition, the lower part of Nakajima can also be designed as a cabinet or open type for storing goods. Therefore, Nakajima shelves are the main forces displayed in many stores.

2. Wall water fruit frame: Also known as one -sided shelves, as the name suggests, it is a shelves that are generally placed on the wall and displayed by single -sided display products. Its shape is simple and generous, can save space, and is favored by various stores.

3. Promotion fruit frame: It refers to the platform that displays products alone, also referred to as fruit piles. Fruit piles have the function of decoration. For example, the use of the height and angle of the shelves can bring a sense of scattered feeling to the store, and when it is placed to produce visual fatigue, it can also be adjusted and moved at will.

Case of Fruit Shop Shelves

3. How much is the height and width of the fruit shop shelves?

The height of the cabinet on the shelves is the key factors that determine the shelves of the fruit shop. If it is too high, it is not convenient for customers to get it. Therefore, people’s average height and average sight need to be considered. Men are 160-180 cm, and women are 150-170 cm. In summary, the height of the upper layer of the anesthesia rack is suitable for 160-170 cm.

The width of the shelves is mainly determined by the length of the human arm. It is less than the scope of people’s reaching hands, generally 60-70 cm. But do not deny that some stores want to show their own capital, then the width of the shelves can be appropriately increased.

Of course, in addition to the above -mentioned styles, there are two kinds of standard standards that should be the standard of a fruit shop, that is, the cashier and the screen cabinet. The light helps the fruit to display the light and color.

The above is the selection of the selection of the fruit shop shelves compiled by Watson office furniture. Watson office furniture always insists on making steel and wooden shelves, suitable for steel and wooden shelves of various supermarkets and shops. If you want to know more fruits Welcome to consult.

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