Fashion elements have a vital role in dressed women, especially for skirt choices. Of course, solid color skirts are simple and versatile, but they are still slightly insufficient in fashion. The style is too simple and cheap, so the integration of fashion elements is urgently needed.


In wearing a dress, Fan Bingbing has to be mentioned. Although Fan Ye rarely shows up, every time he appeared, Fan Ye’s dress can always get everyone’s attention, especially Fan Ye who went to the red carpet, and Fan Ye, who went to the red carpet, The style is not limited to one type. The sweet and sweet painting style makes you look like a person, especially Fan Bingbing in private, like a little girl next door.


Wear a small knowledge: “Sheets” checkered skirt, refreshing and attractive

There are many fashion elements that women can choose. Different elements have different fashion charm. As a private server, the plaids known as “sheets” are elements that young younger sisters like. There will be errors, and there are good young vitality to wear on the body, and the age reduction effect is very good.

This time, Fan Bingbing Pickings Exhibition Hall, wearing a pattern dress, the slender style uses irregular diamond design. Compared with traditional plaid skirts, it is more fashionable and avant -garde. It seems very layered.


Wear small knowledge: blue and white color color+print design, increase the eye -catching rate


Young women have high requirements for the style of dresses. A single color and elements cannot meet the needs of women. If a dress does not have multiple elements, it is easy to wear a cheap feeling, so the designers are also working hard in this regard to avoid styling. In the case of errors, incorporate some color saturated colors, or print patterns.

Fan Bingbing’s LOOK is like this. You can see this checkered “bed single skirt”, which is incorporated into the blue and white color, and the color is refreshing. At the same time, the skirt is decorated with a flower pattern. With few, the tailoring design of the waist is like a little girl next door, young and beautiful.

Putting on a small knowledge: stepping on a thick bottom jelly drag, dressed personality has highlights

Summer shoes selection is also part of dressing. Not only is rich in style, but the effect of wearing is also very good. Even stepping on herringbone is full of fashionable personality. Of course The effect, the style is the next time, the most important thing is to combine the entire way of dressing, not too much.

It can be found that Fan Bingbing’s choice of shoes is still very concerned. The shoes you choose this time can be described as thick and thin. Although the shape looks similar to the shape of slippers, it is cleverly exposed and exposed to ankle. The shape is eye -catching, whitening skin, fashionable and eye -catching.

Putting on small knowledge: red lip beauty is too stunning, the goddess goddess of long -haired waterfall is full

Wearing concave shapes cannot be separated from the blessing of makeup hair, especially when going out, a pair of appearance, it will lower the value of the shape. If you are confident in your makeup skills, you can use makeup hair to show your own yourself. Temperament, increasing the charm of styling is also a choice.


Fan Ye is famous for dressing up, and all kinds of makeup is perfectly controlled. Even the thick makeup that some other actresses dare not try are also easy to control. There is no beauty on the body, and it looks very temperament. Wearing this sheeton skirt is sweet and beautiful.

QS: How is Fan Bingbing’s in private?

Choose TIPS: Loose leisure style


There are loose and self -cultivation in dresses. The two fonts are different, and the effects are different as a whole. Light -oriented people pay attention to dressing comfort. The body of the controller, eating a woman’s body, a little carelessness will look cheap, and it is difficult to control. Fan Bingbing’s loose skirt, casual and casual, stepping on a thick -soled jelly, young and fashionable Essence


Choose TIPS: Aging Girl Fan


There is a strap style called first love, whether it is a skirt or pants. In the creation of a girl style, it has a strong advantage. If you choose a strap skirt, you are mainly stacked for insurance. The dew is given a vulgar effect. Fan Bingbing’s choice of strap skirts with chiffon shirts not only rich in shape, but also layering, but also greatly improved the utilization rate of the single product. The age reduction girl is very noticeable.

Select TIPS: Fashionable Net Red Wind

In recent years, with the rise of net reds, the corresponding Internet celebrities are getting more and more popular, but everyone has no clear definition of the net red style. It is a requirement, which is highly recognizable. Fan Bingbing is dressed up in a large -size suit. It can be said to be a standard net red shape. It is wearing a barrier with an exaggerated earrings with a ball head, young and beautiful, at least 5 years old.


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