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——A no matter how small individuals can become a brand-

As a major stationery country, Japan’s design and production stationery products are not only creative, but also the humanized design is loved by the public, and the awards of stationery are also countless. No, the 26th “Japanese Stationery Creative Competition” in the new 26th time announced the award -winning work. Come and see with the editor to see what fun stationery design has!


Japan as a stationery country

The stationery products designed and produced are not only creative


Humanized design is loved by the public


There are countless awards for stationery


No, no,


The 26th “Japanese Stationery Creative Competition”


It was announced some time ago


Award -winning work

Let’s take a look at the editor below

What are the fun stationery design!


You can touch the notebook for judging by your hands

via: Tsukamoto Yuren


The same notebook is generally enriched and distinguished by colors


Notebooks with unified visual feelings

Choose to distinguish through the touch

When you want to quickly take out the notebook in the bag

Only do not look at

The desire may be realized ~

Rubber car

VIA: Nishikawa Ren, Guchuan Rites Regulations


this is a

Rub the car model with rubber with rubber

Users can use their imagination

Style out the model you want

Both practicality and interaction

Tape that can go to the curve

VIA: Hada Xing, Tosaka Zhenggao


Actually designed as a shield with a gap

Tightly connected “gaps”

Users can paint the favorite curve through the left and right shake


Compared to the tape that can only be taken in the past

The creativity of the curve exactly provides us with a perfect solution

Let the tape not just stationery


You can also decorate, embellish other places

Booking machine with color boundaries

Divided into two colors of book -oriented subjects

Design at the segmentation line


is for

Improve the accuracy of the product at the corner line position

Friends with obsessive -compulsive disorder can buy it ~


Sign in fit the computer keyboard

via: Oshima 大



The computer keyboard also has specially signed stickers

Compared to shortcut keys, the existence of label stickers

Will it make work more convenient?

The calendar depicts every day


VIA: Takada Makoto, Lingtian Jinshi, Maruyama Chuang

go through

White paper calendar for flowing flower processing

In addition to retaining the original information of the calendar

Users can

Use a thread pen to outline the schedule arrangement


There is no other plan


Maybe it’s just like a blank calendar table


Stay on this day blandly


via: Matsuda will be expensive

Looking at the ordinary press pen

But considering that people lack exercise, the phenomenon of muscle recession


Automatic pencil adds a strong pressing spring


The groove at the pen body is also matched with different weight pens


Whether it is pressed or raised up a pencil

It can achieve the effect of hand muscle exercise


You can depict the seal of your own expression


VIA: Tezuka Miki

You can

Draw the seal of the expression on the printing graphics


Users can also add a variety of interesting things to the bear

It is time to give play to the creation again ~


Solve the distress of the hand sweat, the pencil that can breathe

VIA: Small Bi Ocean Tai, Horiko Jinzhao


Have you ever tried to write?

If so, this one

“ShiRastick” pencil


Don’t miss it


The pen body part uses


High -quality building materials

With excellent moisture regulatability and stirling properties


Convenient for the transparent folder of the left and right hand to take paper


via: Zhang Tingrui, Qiu Ziyao

Our common transparent folder

Generally, semi -circular cutting is set in the upper right corner


Convenient for users to quickly “pull out” the folder


The folder is based on the original function


The triangle cut in again on the side

Left -handle


You can easily remove the file from it ~

Remember the art knife closing the door

via: Ito Wuwei

The “misunderstanding” skill of the US worker knife can be called a must

In order to remind people to pay attention


Correction with the closing of the knife and closing the door

When you open the blade, you will see the inside

Reminder comics


The seemingly funny design affects your habits virtually

Magic stationery box

via: Shinagukongkong

Like a machine cat pocket

Connect a certain equipment


When you reach in, you can find the stationery that is fell at home


Small snowball glue

VIA: Hanyu Moon

Think of bubbles that will move in the use of glue


Creative it into snowflake glass balls


Add a small fragmentation

And divided into four different theme series in spring, summer, autumn and winter


This is too romantic ~

Pen caps to prevent the pencil core cracking

VIA: Chief Chief of Server

I am always worried that the core of the pencil will break the core?


Put on a hexagonal pen jacket


When accidentally landing

Rubber -made pen jackets will play a good buffer effect

Protecting the internal pencil core is not broken

The drone that can be scattered with powder drawing line

via: Sato Diyang

A drone that can scatter the powder line

Special air outlets will spray non -scattered powder

Like the drawing line at the sports sports meeting


Just eat this high -efficiency drone ~

Ramen stationery suit


VIA: Wuchuan Yuichiro

A stationery set that imitates ramen design

Ramen is pen, seaweed is ruler, etc.

I want to eat it directly after reading

Rubber dandruff

VIA: Nangu Narcotes

Many people have the habit of collecting rubber dandruff and rubbing them

And this is similar to a piny medicine



Not only can it meet the needs of you to play rubber dandruff


You can also make a lot of new tricks ~

Fashionable hole pencil

via: Tian Island :

When a pencil is also perforated

Add some accessories to become fashionable items!

Plotement of the rubber

VIA: Xiaoqingshui Hongshu

Fly with a pencil with a pencil

Is it really enjoyable?


Look at the strokes of this tight fist

The combat power should be quite high ~

As a child, we

Always have all kinds of thoughts about the text

Looking at the humble stationery


It seems to be given different skills and gameplay

Like some stationery shared today

Such as rubber dandruff soil, curve tape, etc.



In the details, we perfectly imagine and transform our stationery

Japanese stationery

Sexual design

I got a good interpretation here

Of course, the creativity of Japanese stationery



Based on the deep cultivation and excavation of our daily habits

And dare to challenge the “bug” that may exist in stationery

The final finished product can naturally stimulate resonance

Maybe this is the charm of Japanese stationery ~

Image source: network, Japanese design small station

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VIA: Nishikawa Ren, Guchuan Rites Regulations

Tape that can go to the curve

Magic stationery box