So -called harmful

Software animals mainly refer to agricultural harmful creatures such as snails, crickets, field snails, and nail snails that endanger crops

Essence They are affiliated with software and animal doors and abdominals in classification. In recent years, software animals have caused huge losses to agriculture and fisheries, especially in humid areas. Because they can breed rapidly, they will have a great impact on all development stages of plant growth. While destroying plant seeds and feeding plants’ leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits to destroy the crops, their mucus and excrement also contaminate vegetables and fruits, thereby reducing the quality and yield of the product. At the same time, software animals such as snails and snails in fish pond and rice are the medium of dissemination of blood suction worms, causing various infectious diseases and serious harm to the safety of people and animals.

Soft -body animal agents can be defined as pesticides for preventing and controlling agricultural, forests, fisheries, and pesticides.

It can be divided into two categories: inorganic and organic

Among them, the representative varieties of inorganic killing software agents are copper sulfate and calcium konate. Now

Inorganic killing software animal agents are now discontinued

Essence Commonly used organic killing software animal agents mainly have the following 6 categories:




Biological activity


Gastric poison, stable light, in the water, can be degraded by microorganisms in the soil, have no adverse effects on microorganisms, and do not cause medicine for plants

Chloriditine (Betuba Kill)

Low toxicol organically kills software animal agents, low toxicity to human and livestock, but has a irritating effect on human mucosa, which can cause tears, runny nose, and eye tingling.

Killing snailshine ethanhla salt (snail killing)

Destroyed snail -absorbing pyramids, high efficiency, long -term effects, and long -term effects. It also has a killing effect on snail eggs and tail snails.

Snail clean

It is a highly selective neurotoxin to have a highly selective neurotoxin to aquatic and semi -aquatic shellfish

Trinhthel acetate tin (hundred snail enemies)

Efficient, ideal snails, prohibiting use on vegetables, can easily cause medicine harm

Extinguish Slout

Pesticides such as amino acid, high toxicity, touch and gastric poisoning effects


Currently at home and abroad to harmful software animals at home and abroad

The main prevention and control is mainly chemical means

Essence However, with the large -scale promotion of chemical prevention and control methods, people have found many problems, such as chemical agents to pollute the environment and large -scale killing of beneficial creatures in water bodies. Physical prevention and control is also a method that people often adopt, such as earth burial, deep turning, fire burning, and gully concrete. This is a method of manually changing the growth environment of the nail snail to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the snail. It is difficult to cure, and it is necessary to repeat the killing frequently to consolidate the effect of killing the snail. Therefore, people have gradually turned their attention to plant source killing software and animal agents with less environmental pollution and rich sources of materials. It needs to be developed for a period of time.

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