The cold came too violently, causing me to be in a state of stun … I almost didn’t know what to go out for me. If wearing a thick coat and down jacket,

Worried about being swollen and thick.

At this time, you can rely on

The bottoming shirt is rescued

Intersection Don’t look at it, but it can win a lot in daily life. For example, when you get off the room, the coat is taken off, and the inside can be well matched.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Show personal taste.

Even if it is a single -wearing gas field, it does not lose. Instead, the simpler shape is more resistant to Andian temperament.

Today, Liya shared a wave of choices and wear about bottoming shirts, not only making you look good but also very expensive!


小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Color selection

Speaking of being expensive, then first of all

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Select the color

Essence Common black and white and gray generally don’t have any big problems, and it is easier to match. It is not easy to make mistakes.

In addition, even more

Significant gentleness

The color system, liya is more pushing

Recommend milk coffee, oat color

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Essence Gentle tenderness is not much skin tone.


Choice of neckline

Classic round neck is suitable for most face shapes, especially for

The round faces are very friendly

Intersection If you have edges and corners, you can also reduce the edges of the face through a round neck.

The cigarette pipe collar refers to the length of the neck in the neck

, Can expose a small part of the neck skin half -neck. It looks more beautiful than the compliance, and it looks more neat than that of the round neck. Can weaken the bloated feeling of wearing in autumn and winter.

Then the high collar is very suitable for the neck slender

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Or the fairy with a small face. Compared with the tight neckline, it is more recommended for loose stack collar.



Broken shirt+skirt

Even in the cold season, our girls will not give up beautiful skirts!

This look is adopted

Summer items+winter items

The combination. Flowers and light dresses are combined with soft glutinous sweater. It seems to be different attributes, but it is quite “tacit” together.


White as a universal tolerance color

, Able to digest fancy style items.

I believe that many fairies, like Liya, bought a lot of beautiful suspenders, but in the summer, I was embarrassed to wear it.

I can only put it at home.

You can now

Take it out of the closet and make a good use!

The elegant mint green breaks the dullness of autumn and winter. After with a white bottoming shirt, it is like a cup of mellow matcha milk.

Girls in the south can choose some

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Lightly round neck bottom shirt

Essence The slightly wide shoulder strap can modify the troubles of wide shoulders.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

The fold design of the waist also adds a lot to the shape.

Tightening effect

, It can also highlight the presence of the waistline. The flesh between the waist and abdomen was also hidden.

Having said so many white bottoming shirts, how can classic black forget?

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

V -neck design

Reduce the crowded when wearing

The shoulder pad design is very friendly for the fairy with small bones and slippery shoulders! Wear an elegant beret, a proper French girl.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, the half skirt look is here too!


This element can be attributed to the third pattern outside the solid and color. It will not be too quiet and bland, nor will it be noisy. The scale is just right. Especially after combination with the single product,

One simple and one -year, it can highlight the sense of fashion.

Broken shirt+jacket

In autumn and winter, it must be inseparable from the temperament item: coat. Especially with the classic camel, it is simply

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

No one can resist gentle killing!

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

The plaid element mentioned just now can also be used on the coat, so that there are more retro Feel!

If you want to reduce the age, you may try it.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Double -breasted coat

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Essence Choose a light color system from the inside to the outside,

The tender effect is double.

Advanced gameplay is three layers of stacking. Coat+sweater+bottoming shirt,

The degree of warmth is also upgraded!

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Note here that the hard and hard level of materials inside and outside should be balanced.

The lamb hair that I shared with you yesterday, can’t forget today!

Remember to choose a short hair,

It is more suitable for most figure and is not easy to be bloated.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵


Can be used as a cardigan or a knit sweater. If you wear it, the windshield is stronger. If you want to wear further, you can open the buttons and show the shape of the inside.

Other style bottoming shirts

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Bean green is very suitable for white skin fairy, and it is even more white after wearing it!

Tight+round neck

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

It is a proud curve that highlights the upper body. Squading is invisible!

If you want to wear it in autumn and winter but not dazzling,

Moraid’s warm color is worth trying

Essence Covered the knitted jacket and put on the body at will, and the laziness came instantly.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Striped, a long -lasting element, whether it was before or now, which fashion is not loved?

If you want to show up, you can start with fine stripes,

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Smart with low color saturation

Essence It looks good with a pair of jeans.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

If you emphasize the feeling of retro, you can directly put on bright colors+thick stripes. Peacock green hair hoop+vitality red plate shoes,

Pick up the eye -catching degree of look.

Regarding the color, neckline, and matching of the bottom shirt, all helped the fairies! Seemingly simple and ordinary bottoming shirt,

Just take a little care

, I will have an unexpected effect! If you can’t think of what you wear, try to use the bottoming shirt to stack it.