Skull sling vest is currently the most popular element. As the temperature is soaring, the refreshing vest is getting more and more favored. This skull printing cotton vest can best highlight the vitality and passion of girls. The skin -friendly and breathable, touched the softness to embrace the arms, the sense of happiness was full of happiness, wearing the vision of everyone, the designed pure cotton vest of the fascinating family, believe me, this high -quality skull printing vest, It will highlight the curve of your body and make you look more tasteful. Walking on the street like the romance of French women, pursue the trend, and walk at the forefront of fashion.


This fashionable skull pure cotton vest, delicate thin knitted fabric, is very convincing and very smooth, and it is not easy to have a sense of wrinkles, super comfortable, and very thin. Weighing 52 kg, usually tight vests dare not wear it outside. This vest is different. This vest editor is super favorite. It can cover the small belly and make the curve of the waist very good. Super comfortable, soft material love, super cool feeling, it is also beautiful to make inside in spring and autumn, let’s see the renderings.



The classic round neck is super fine, sexy and general, and the clavicle is very sexy and cool. It modifies the perfect curve of the neck. You can wear a variety of jewelry super likes.


The design of the U -shaped collar on the back is full of fashion and sexy, making the curve of the back look more perfect, and the back is straight to have a beautiful temperament of yoga.

The unique skull pattern design, the fashion elements are cleverly fused, different, and the tide is full. It is necessary to find a good texture and distinctive vest. Extreme sense of charm.

The elegant curl edge design, the workmanship of the roll is very exquisite, the book rolls are full, giving a leisurely feeling, the irregular agility is very distinctive.

Natural cotton environmentally friendly fabrics, soft feel, high -quality elasticity, not easy to get the ball, very skin -friendly and breathable, very cool to wear, natural soft and non -irritating, superior quality choice is to love this cotton material.


This pursuit of original and personalized waist cotton skull vests, in the design part of the unique ingenuity, the design of the version highlights a rate, the design of the skull pattern is moderately expressed in the unruly self -style, paired with denim hot pants. The sun hat, wearing a pair of sunglasses to create a popular fashion and leisure style, versatile personality, and instantly detonated the trend engine of mushrooms.


【Price Article】

Daily sales price 65 yuan


Fans enjoy 58.5 yuan free shipping


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