The popular “smoke pipe collar” this winter is very popular with fashionable essences.

“Tobacco pipe collar”

It is a kind of clothes collar. This collar length is shorter to the middle of the neck, shorter than the tall neck, and longer than ordinary collar. Compared to other collar, the cigarette pipe collar is very three -dimensional, and it can also modify the neck, showing temperament and thinness.

With a charming temperament, a middle and high -necked black sweater makes you a beautiful black swan in winter, modifying the contour of the face and neck lines.


Whether wearing alone or inward, it will be amazing!

I will introduce several stacking schemes today

One single wear


Single to cigarette pipes to collar sweater single, pure color is simpler and stylish, especially white items with white light boards, so that the whole person is shining and confident. The slimming base with high waist pants is made to create a proud figure proportion, not exposing the skin but sexy.

Scheme two tobacco pipe collar sweater+coat

The neat and stylish coat is used as a “advanced” to cigarette tube sweater! Especially cashmere coats


The secret to improve the gas field. White+black or blue+black is two colors, easily creating minimalist style.

third solution

Smoke pipe collar sweater+dress/V -line collar sweater


The smoke sweater and elegant floral dress collide. The collar type of the skirt and the bottom sweater can also modify the face shape and shoulders.

The perfection of soft and tough balance processing!


The fairy with a V -neck sweater can try two stacks, which will make you more clean and highlighted, highlighting charm and taste.


Plan 4 “Sandwich” dressing rules

Last time I wrote a three -layer stacking method,


The premium method of coat and down the rules of sandwich


You can click the link to read it!

The cigarette pipe is sticked in the body, the sweater/shirt is relaxed and relaxed, the jacket is sharp, and the whole person has a gas field.

Plan Five tobacco pipes collar sweater+leather coat/cowboy

Cool handsome leather jacket with a tobacco tube sweater, retro and temperature.

The summary of these schemes is two points:


First, the black and white -fitting cigarette pipe collar is best to control and versatile;

Second, when the cigarette pipe collar makes the bottom, forms a V -line collar with the jacket, which is thinner and better modify the shoulder and face shape.


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