Recently, the “China Textile Information Center, the National Textile Product Development Center, and the Research Alliance of China Textile fabrics and other alliances jointly released the” Trends of the 2021 Autumn and Winter Hematology Underwear Trends “. The report gives the four major trends of underwear, which mentioned the trend of the warm underwear design of thermal underwear; the armal and heating underwear market trends with antibacterial health functions.

It is not difficult to find that the current warm underwear is no longer a symbol of “earth smell”, but more like fashionable items. At the same time, on social platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo, many evaluations and sharing of warm underwear have also appeared. It can be seen that the warm underwear is slowly becoming a popular and stylish wearing items.

Recently, a cotton era advocates the concept of cotton, and the pursuit of “comfort, health, and environmental protection” has given an answer sheet in the cotton era. It launched two new bottom underwear, which are the cotton -free bottoming underwear and the grass cotton underwear. Both have high cotton content, with good softness and skin -friendly, which can bring a comfortable dressing experience to users. At the same time, the materials taken from nature, with the concept of environmental protection, are also in line with the comfort and environmental protection concepts pursued by the brand.

Different places are that the cotton -free bottoming underwear uses 100 high -chip cotton cotton, which has light characteristics. Because of this, the bottom of the underwear of non -trace cotton is very thin, and it is very close to the body, and it is like the second layer of skin of the body. It will not have a sense of restraint and thickness.


In terms of technology, the technology that took a long time to develop underwear in the cotton era was developed for a long time. The neckline, cuffs, and hem are directly tailored, and there will be no excess line heads without sewing and no need to sew. Coupled with the design of the pants, the entire cotton -free cotton underwear cleverly combines comfort and fashion, which not only highlights the uniqueness of the brand, but also conforms to the fashion trend of the basewear.

The straw cotton base underwear has a natural plant antibacterial effect, which is just right to fit the health concepts pursued in the cotton era. In addition, for the persistence of the antibacterial effects of grass cotton cotton, the cotton era has been tested in the cotton era. The results show that after 100 washing, the basewear still has a 5A antibacterial effect, which can take care of consumers’ health for a long time.


In terms of clothing design, the design of the straw cotton underwear is the design of round neck, 9 -point sleeves, non -outer side seams and pants, which effectively avoids the embarrassment of underwear exposure, and enhances the comfort of the underwear. Essence

From the two new product underwear in the cotton era, it can be seen that in the cotton era, the most basic comfort of the basewear underwear has been grasped, and at the same time, the concept of health, fashion and environmental protection is increased according to its own brand tone, creating a creation Bright bottom underwear. Undoubtedly, this time the cotton era is excellent.