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If you want to put a cotton round neck T -shirt wonderful, unless you have the appearance of the star’s appearance supermodel, it is really difficult to stand out in the sea of ​​people.

However, friends don’t have to worry too much. It can meet the needs of daily life and increase or decrease the sense of fashion to interpret femininity. I will find it.

After searching for search, I found that only knitted T -shirts can maximize the popular fashion requirements of the public


There are three advantages of knitted T -shirts. First of all, it is worth the first point to introduce it to you

Perfect inheritance of the advantages of cotton T -shirts, both classic and versatile ability and have the effect of covering meat and thinness

It can meet the requirements of the office workers and the identity of the student party. Whether it is self -cultivated solid color or stripe color, the upper body effect is more than a cotton T -shirt.


The second major advantage of knitted T -shirts is


Very inclusive

This is the characteristics of cotton T -shirts that do not have. Soft knitted fabrics have a strong ability to include the body. Whether you have a worship of the arm or a swimming ring on the belly, the exquisite and feminine knitted T -shirts are all all knitted T -shirts. Can digest.

However, one thing needs to pay attention. When you choose a knitted T -shirt, you must choose a relatively high -level version. If you can choose a V -neck, you do n’t choose a round neck. You can choose a relatively neutrality of the relatively slim vertical stripes. Wind style.

The third major advantage of knitted T -shirts is it

It has very strong femininity


Regardless of whether the single product style is modified, the effect of wearing the body can outline the perfect body shape, and the overall style is gentle and elegant based on its extremely soft and comfortable fabric.

The young lady, you can try to reveal the umbilical knitted T -shirt. The slightly plump younger sister can choose a relatively conservative style design.

Many young ladies dare not try to knit the T -shirt because I feel that wearing knitted fabrics will make my body blessed. Of course, it is undeniable that this will occur.


However, as long as the version is selected, the color selection is correct, and the effect of putting on the body will make people delicate and three -dimensional.

The thin effect overflows the words

Miss sisters with bone bone, skinny or small skeleton can choose the colorful macaron color system, and use the color of the single product to echo with the body.

Easily show the bumpy body

But if your body is not slender and your body bones are not straightforward. In this case, it is recommended that you choose a dark tone knitted top. Under the dark contraction effect Small girls have a happy dress.

In addition to paying attention to color, micro -fat girls also spend more thoughts than others in the combination of knitted T -shirts.

First of all, the most recommended is stacking and matching. In the case of ensuring ventilation and breathable, it can be matched with other items with knitted T -shirts, which can not only achieve the effect of age -reducing shaping, but also increase the overall layering. The oil removal effect is very obvious. Essence

The low -key micro -fat girls can be used with knitted T -shirts with bubble sleeve lining, and the sleeve style of high and low sleeves can be used to increase the sense of layering.

Girls with a personality personality can choose to match the silhouette boyfriend’s wind shirt, and use the lazy and casual single product style to meet the style of knitted T -shirts.

Harmony and advanced

Girls who prefer minimalist style can use a tight sunscreen shirt with a knitted cardigan, which can not only sunscreen and wear taste, and the effect is great.

If you feel that large areas are too bulky or are afraid of sweating, you can also use knitted T -shirts with strap pants to meet the above requirements with a small area overlap. It is also a good idea ~

The last little egg is recommended to the young lady who likes to wear dresses. Use a knitted split skirt to replace knitted+denim. It can also give people a amazing effect. It’s easy to wear wonderful.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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