In the world of black tea, Qimen black tea in China, Dajiling black tea in India, and Wuwa tea in Sri Lanka are known as “the world’s three high -fragrant black tea” for its charming aroma.

The so -called high -fragrant tea must be outstanding in aroma. What is the difference between the other two black tea with our Qimen black tea?


Chinese Qimen Black Tea

Qimen black tea is usually the abbreviation of Qimen Gongfu black tea.

The quality of Qimen Gongfu black tea is: the shape is tight, the front seedlings are good; “Qimen incense”; mellow taste, remembered permanent; soft red and bright in the bottom of the leaves.

Dajiring Black Tea, India


The Dajiling Black Tea is produced from a mountain area above 1,800 meters above sea level from the Dajiling Plateau at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in northern Bangladesh, India, and the ecological environment is unique.

The typical Dajiring Tea Garden is mostly distributed on the high mountain slopes surrounded by clouds and fog. It can fully accept the sunlight and the moisturizing of rain. At the same time, the temperature difference between day and night is large.

Dajiling black tea is tight in shape, and white is revealed; high fragrance is strong, fresh; soup is orange yellow; fresh and elegant style, especially with grape aroma, showing gracefulness; delicate and soft taste; “”.

Dajiling tea is divided into spring, summer and autumn picking, among which summer picking is full of aroma and taste and full of people.

Sri Lanka Uva Tea


The tea planting base of Sri Lanka is mainly concentrated in the central highlands and the southern lowlands. Tea is divided into three categories according to the growth altitude of growth, namely highland tea, China -China tea, and low ground tea.

The 6 production areas of Sri Lanka black tea include UVA, Uda Pussellawa, Nuwara Eliya, Ruhuna, Kandy, and Di La. (Dimbula),

Each production area shows different characteristics due to different altitude, temperature and humidity factors, among which Wuwa black tea is the most well -known.

Uva black tea soup is bright and bright, and the noodles of the Shangpin soup are often golden circles; its flavor has strong irritation, revealing the aroma of mint and lily of the valley. The taste is mellow. Although it is bitter, it is sweet.

Wuwa black tea is a typical high-ground black tea. It is the best seasonal season with June-September. In addition to clear drinks, BOP levels are also suitable for preparing milk tea.

Three Gaoxiang black tea comparison


The aroma of tea has a charming charm, but the composition of the tea aroma is very complicated. The presentation of a aroma style is the result of the comprehensive effect of a variety of aroma and its proportion.


Qimen black tea, black tea, and Dajiling black tea, although they are also well -known world -famous high -fragrant black tea, the style of the three tea is very different.


Qimen black tea is known for its elegant sweet flower fragrance, like an oriental woman.

In Qimen black tea, the content of fragrant alcohol, benzinanol, and 2-benzinylene is high, which makes Qimen black tea present a strong rose fragrance and thick woody fragrance, giving people a gentle and elegant feeling.

Uva black tea is known for its high -sharp and unrestrained aroma, like Jin Ge iron horses.


In the black tea, alcohol and its oxides, jasmine, jasmone, methyl ester and other compounds are rich in content, making Uva black tea have a refreshing lily of the valley and sweet jasmine fragrance.

Dajiling black tea is fresh with musk, graceful and luxurious.

In the Black Tea of ​​Dajiring, the content of alcohol, fragrant leafol, benzilitol, and 2-benzinanol is rich in content. The aroma characteristics are between Qimen black tea and black black tea, full and tension.

Although Dajiling black tea and black tea have their own characteristics, if they trace their roots, both are actually the products of the British “theft”.

About 1845, British tea thief Robert.

Tens of thousands of tea seedlings, a large number of tea species, thousands of tea -making tools, and more than ten Tongmuguan tea masters were brought to Galcore in India for tea cultivation.

After the “Father of Ceylon Black Tea”, Taylor was introduced to Sri Lanka.


Since then, black tea has become the world’s first tea. India’s Dajiling black tea, Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Uva black tea and Qimen black tea in China are also called the world’s three high -fragrant black tea.

Regarding the three major high -francs in the world, I introduced it here today. Have you drank these three tea? Which one do you like best? Welcome everyone to share your feelings with Xiaotou.