If the ground heating is used in the cold season, the temperature of the ground is needed to keep it at all times, so that the temperature can be maintained, which causes the cost of ground heating is very high, and it takes thousands of yuan for winter. To this end, we might as well install the geothermal film, the installation cost is low, and it is much saving to use it, which is much more practical than the ground!

Advantages of geothermal membrane


1. There is no way to control the switch of traditional heating equipment. Generally, it depends on centralized management, and the heating time cannot be controlled. Especially in the cold winter temperature, it will automatically turn off. If the temperature suddenly decreases, heating will not be automatically turned on, bringing a lot of inconvenience to people. However, the switch of the electric film floor heating is all controlled by the user, and at the same time, it can also turn on the dehumidification function in humid weather.

2. The temperature adjustment of the traditional heating equipment is controlled by the enterprise. With the extension of the vount vapor, the temperature of the different rooms is different, so the phenomenon of uneven heating of each room will be generated. The temperature of the electric heating film can be adjusted by the user by itself. If you want to be high, you can increase it.

3. The traditional heating equipment is boiler type. It is necessary to heat coal to heat to achieve heating. Coal burning can produce waste gas and waste residue. These seriously affect the environment. The heating film floor heating uses electrical energy heating, which will not affect any impact on the environment, and it is more convenient.

4. Electric -thermal membrane is relatively small, and the installation is also very convenient. People with strong hands -on ability can be done alone. The traditional heating equipment is huge. Secondly, the heating film floor heating is relatively healthy. It is heated by heating by infrared rays. It feels like being exposed to the sun. At the same time, electric heating film electric heating also has a physical therapy.


Installation of geothermal film


1. Clean. Care the ground carefully before the system installation.

2. Pay waterproof plastic cloth.


3. Pay the heating layer -It is recommended to use environmentally friendly flame retardant polyurethane insulation board.


4. Select thermal insulation material according to design requirements. The thermal insulation material is covered with heating space, and the thermal insulation material can be fixed with high temperature resistant tape. The ground should be flat, dry, and no debris when paving the thermal material. The roots of the wall should be straight and no gray. The ground is unusual and cannot be flattened with loose sand. When making the heating layer, laying should be flat and connected closely with each other. The room is used in the room or solid wood floor, and the thermal insulation material is covered with the entire room. When the keel is used in the room, the corresponding width is cut according to the keel spacing.

5. According to the design scheme, cut the corresponding geothermal membrane with the corresponding length. Connect the geothermal film according to parallel. The front and back of the geothermal film cutting site and the connection point must be waterproof and insulation. Before the geothermal membrane is laid, the nominal resistance and insulation resistance must be detected, and then the distance is paved on the insulation material according to the design scheme, and the geothermal membrane is kept at least 5-6cm between the geothermal membrane. Fix the geothermal membrane to the insulation material. Avoid folding the geothermal film when laying. The geothermal membrane and other electrical connectors and building metal pipes have a distance of at least 15cm.

6. The power supply is connected with a 4 -square -square -meter cable with a geothermal film. The cable and geothermal membrane must be seal with insulation cement to do well.

7. Connecting the geothermal film adopts a dedicated to -plated terminal connection, and the dedicated thread is tightly tightened. Two geothermal membranes use different phase electricity 12. Insert the cable into the terminal connection of the wire -plated terminal to the silver -plated terminal, use the pressure wire tight and ensure that the connection part is firm to ensure that the contact is good. it is good.

8. After the wire is connected, the main wire of the 220V geothermal film is directly introduced into the temperature controller. The probe of the temperature controller is attached to the fever of the geothermal membrane with a high -temperature tape.

9. After the geothermal membrane is laid, the power is tested, the temperature and temperature of the heating, and take good photos.

The installation cost and use cost of the geothermal membrane are much lower than that of the ground. The geothermal membrane needs to pay attention to the above matters when installing. When installation, the geothermal film needs to be tested and maintained in a timely manner to ensure that the installed geothermal membrane can play a practical role. Prone to problems.