Spring new styleless branches of the bra, gathering the five -rows of lace edges

Beautiful and moving, it is more charming and touching,


Not only a second, a moment,


To make this life always charm unlimited,

Keep your body hard,

Efforts to double health,

Strive to keep your face. Essence Essence

It is also necessary to work hard to maintain charm,

Let these beautiful, sexy and sweet underwear accompany you for a lifetime.

The exquisite and mysterious court lace, lace in the European court, is like embroidery to China. The more lace on the aristocracy, the higher the status. The lace cloth is only synonymous with sexy. Romance and exquisite, it has been used as a woman’s decoration operation. It is enduring. It is enduring = watching the major shows. The big show with lace is always interpreting its wonderful.


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The exquisite hollow woven intertwined on the cover, the beautiful and elegant breath spread. The clever water droplet cup helps gathers auxiliary milk and shows women’s sexy and round breasts. Healthy steel ring effectively avoids compression of thymus and enjoy free freedom


Vintage flower embroidery, colorful flowers, sweet entanglement, gentle rippling on the cup, beautiful time is quiet! Even love becomes simple and pure.

The lace element is still the first choice of the designer, and the elegant color is like the honey version sweet. Put on a pure and elegant aesthetic trendy item, with a comfortable version design, so that you can wear a healthy burden, show a noble and elegant princess temperament.

The editor introduced a few underwear, so now I will introduce how to save and maintain underwear.

Keep maintenance

Underwear is the closest to the body. First of all, pay attention to cleaning. Dirt not only means not clean, but also affects the ventilation, hygroscopic and softness of the fabric, which will cause damage to the fabric.


When buying, if you have a favorite underwear, buy a little more and alternately, the life of each underwear can be longer. Advanced or high -priced products are sometimes beautiful but not durable. Careful care can maintain its advantages.

The material of the underwear is mostly soft and slender. When wearing and taking off, you should not force too much force. You should also pay attention to the fiber of the nails. Pay attention to the foundation and lipstick on the underwear when wearing the lingerie.


When saving the collection of underwear for a long time, you can stack them one by one, or fold it with cups and cups, as long as you do not destroy the original chest shape. The thickest lining is placed on it, folding down in order to prevent the thick lining underwear deformation due to heavy pressure, and the thin lining underwear has no deformation concerns.

When giving up underwear, it is recommended to store it separately from other clothes, and do not forget to add wet dehuminants or some desiccants. In addition, tell you a small recipe: drop a few drops of perfumes on a small piece of cloth, or put the remaining perfume bottle in the cabinet, one can drive insects, and the second can make the clothes full of perfume flavor.

The secret to prevent underwear deformation: In order to keep the exquisite bras beautiful, try not to wash it with a washing machine. Wash with cold water and mild detergent, or wash it with your hands.