How can we wear a coat and do not master the bow of the bow? Today, I share the simplest play of the coat bow. Girls who love to wear a coat quickly come to learn.

1. The simplest bow knot method

1. Put the belt together first.

2. Put a strap on the inside inside.

3. Put the band from the left side of the other strap to form a triangle empty hole shown in Figure 3.


4. Fold the band and tighten it in the cave.

5. A simple side bows are done. This method is simpler than the traditional bow, dignified and elegant and temperament.


Second, traditional bow play

1. Two points are folded together.

2. Put the belt on the left from under the right belt.

3. Fold the belt on the right.


4. Put the belt on the left.

5. Pass the folding belt on the right side from the left belt.

6. Tighten the folding belt and sort it slightly, and the perfect bow is tied.


Third, single ligation method

1. Cross the two belts to be tied

2. Put the belt on the right side from the left belt.

3. Tighten and organize, a simple bow method is completed.


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