Hello sisters ~

I found that many actresses went out to play during the holidays, such as







After a sister date, the friendship of the fairy is really enviable!


Look at the style of the two of them:


Jisoo with long -sleeved shirts with jeans

, Overall dressing is comparison





LISA wears a short navel sweater


There is a little sexy in the coolness


I just welcomed Lixia. If you do n’t know how to wear it, you may wish to refer to the simple and chic shape of LISA, elegant and sweet, and a little more romantic taste.

Speaking, it is coincidental,


I also wore the same time when traveling

Short knitted cardigan

, Loose

Gradient color jeans

It is called a youthful sweetness!


Actually I have already recommended

Knit cardigan

It is also a must -have item for spring and summer. Simple and generous

The conventional version is almost not picky

And there is a certain one


Like this

Short models or even exposed umbilical models

The advantage of knitted cardigan is

Saving fabric


The effect of the upper body is very colorful

Essence Fashionable girls generally believe that wearing short models is more than a little more foreign than wearing conventional money ~

The navel cardigan is eye -catching, but it is difficult to control


The first point is


Master your own body characteristics


Intersection Although

Short -to -navel knitted sweater

Pulling wind is eye -catching, but the body requirements are relatively high.

If the waist and abdomen are not so flat, it is not recommended that you choose the umbilical model. actually

Ordinary short shirts are also excellent

Short knitted cardigan+high -waisted jeans


It is called

Excellent matching CP

Woolen cloth!

Short cardigan and various items wear different effects:


1. Take the pants, show your waist thin and protruding long legs

Small black pants

It is a single product in every girl’s wardrobe. When a short shirt is combined with small black pants, it presents simple and fashionable and advanced!

If I also have a supermodel figure, I will definitely show up the waist.

Umbilical knitted cardigan with high -waisted jeans


It has both waist thin and showing long -legged advantages.

Replace regular denim pants to

Ripped jeans


, The advanced version of the shape is fashionable and handsome!

Guan Xiaotong

Wearing a blue and white color -colored light -colored scleroder, the lower body is equipped with

Black suit pants


, Even if you do n’t have a bright leg, you can show the superior proportion ~

Sometimes it is popular

Wide -legged suit pants

, Combined with short cardigan tops, can also have a brighter effect!

Blue jeans

It is the most common bottom, and it is also the most versatile.

Blue knitted cardigan+blue jeans

Same color matching

A sense of coordination, stepping on a pair of white casual shoes, creating a lazy and casual style in minutes.


Casual shoes change to high heels

, The overall effect is different, there is a kind of immediately

Temperament improvement

a feeling of.

Jiang Shuying

With a white knitted cardigan with jeans, I step on the hate of the sky, and the perfect interpretation

Clean and gentle

Girlfriend Wind series.

Simple and comfortable,


Leisure is casual, when the combination of these two is really effective!

2. Put a skirt, the temperament is more prominent

This year’s CCTV May Fourth Gala Star has its own brilliance, and I have been successfully beautiful by Dili Reba!

Light yellow knitted cardigan plus a checkered short skirt

, My Style College has a strong atmosphere, where did I come from?

Cute beautiful girl

In fact, short cardigan can also

As a short coat

With a jacket skirt

The giant temperament can also increase a certain sense of layering.

When a short cardigan

Combine with long skirts

The temperament is more prominent.

Ma Sichun



White short shirt with red floral skirt

There is a fashionable and fresh taste! The upper body knitted cardigan is naturally used

V -neck

Modification, more romantic aesthetics, not only stretching the neck lines, but also a little more fashionable charm.

Golden morning

The airport private server also adopted “

Short -term

“The rules of dressing,


Avocado green short cardigan with a black floral skirt

, Perfectly highlight the A4 waist, the plate is beautiful, and it looks beautiful.

Her advertising blockbuster is also particularly outstanding,

Light purple knitted cardigan printed element long skirt

, Simple and casual without losing romantic tenderness.

3. Make inside, full sense of layering

In fact, knitted cardigan can not only be matched with coats, but also can be used as a supplementary shape.


Knit sweater encountered knitted sweater

, The same element “stack” is more comfortable and comfortable, naturally there are species on the upper body

Lazy casual fan




Combine with a suit jacket


At all, there is no dedication to the women’s strong woman.

Red suit+red and white color -colored short cardigan+black leather pants+leather boots

This look is both cool and capable.

The fashion display of the big power will never be absent,

Rainbow color striped shirt


White cardigan vest

Denim shorts

, Refreshing and dazzling, still have long legs under the picture!


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Knit cardigan