Gilling is a thin layer of gold plating on the surface of the utensil. How much gold is plated? Good gold -plated jewelry thickness is generally in

10 microns to 25 microns

It looks like, but the general gold -plated jewelry is only

2-3 microns


If it is below 0.18 microns, in fact, it is not gold -plated. At most, it can only be called Tujin, so when you buy it, you must polish your eyes!

When we choose jewelry, it is divided into

Electro -plated and chemical gold plating

, Two gold -plated methods have their own strengths.


Chemical gold

The advantage is that the part to be plated does not require an electrical connection. The plating layer is significantly uniform, and it is more suitable for surface stickers.

Electro -plated (hard gold)

The hardness and abrasion resistance are better than chemical gold plating. The solution is easy to maintain. It does not need to be cleaned. It can be suitable for various welding methods that are installed on the surface.

The advantages of the two gold -plated methods are very obvious, depending on the needs of friends!

First of all, avoid friction. This is beyond doubt. Any jewelry needs to avoid friction, not to mention that gold -plated jewelry is plated on the surface, so a little friction will cause the surface layer to wear out and expose the inner metal. This will greatly reduce the face value of jewelry.

Be sure to pay attention to the color loss of gold -plated jewelry, try not to wear it during strenuous exercise, because sweat will have a certain alkali, and at the same time, avoid direct touch with acid and alkaline substances such as soapy water. The chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics will cause your gold -plated jewelry to lose gloss and fade.

Pay attention to avoid pulling, because the gold -plated jewelry has a small amount of gold, do not force it hard, otherwise it is particularly easy to make the jewelry deform or even break. It is prone to scraping and other conditions. Maintenance gold -plated jewelry is similar to other gold and silver jewelry, which requires regular cleaning.

Use the jewelery cleaner sold on the market, or immerse it in a solution of soap and warm water, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. The most important thing for the cleaning part is to put it in alcohol for several minutes, let its sweat dirt volatilizes with alcohol, and then rinse through water, which helps him maintain the original gloss brightness.

The above is the introduction of the relevant content of Shenzhen Tongyuan surface treatment. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.