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Since the epidemic, everyone’s awareness of protection has been unprecedented.

From the exemption of hand washing solution, to the home ultraviolet disinfectioner, it is all available.

In particular, portable ultraviolet sterilization disinfectioners are favored by consumers.

Today, Hua Dad compiled the evaluation of 8 common portable ultraviolet sterilization disinfections for your reference options.

Table of contents

Evaluation sample

Evaluation indicator

Use safety

Sterilization and disinfection effect

General review

Consumer advice

This evaluation sample is a portable ultraviolet sterilization disinfection, including 4 disinfection boxes and 4 handheld disinfectants.

UV sterilization disinfection box: put items that need to be disinfected into the box and turn on UV lights for disinfection.

Handheld UV sterilization disinfectant: turn on UV lights, hold instruments, and illuminate items and environments that need disinfection.


Amazing thing

Can be used for disinfection boxes and handheld.

The safety risk of 4 products is high

UV rays can be divided into UVA (long wave), UVB (medium wave), UVC (short wave) according to the length of the wavelength.

UVC’s wavelength is the shortest, but the highest energy.

It can destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of bacteria, viruses, make it dying, losing reproduction, infection, and achieving sterilization and disinfection.

UVC’s penetrating power is not strong, and most of them will be absorbed by the dead skin of the human body. When the dosage is not high, it has little impact on the human body.

However, long -term or high -dose UVC may cause optical keratitis (similar to snow blindness), or cause skin redness or ulcer.

In order to detect the safety of the product, the Consumer Council refers to the advice of IEC 60335-2-65, IEC 62471, and IEC 62471. , Protective design and label signs for evaluation.

UV radiation: 6 models beyond the reference limit

The actual measurement of the product of the product should be claimed.

Because there is no special standard for portable ultraviolet disinfectants at present, the limit of ultraviolet radiation volume, refer to the relevant requirements of UV devices in the international standard IEC 60335-2-65 of the air purifier.

Test method: 30 cm from the product, the radiation of different wavelength ultraviolet rays should meet the limit requirements.

Test results:


1. The actual wavelength of all products meets the announcement.


The ultraviolet wavelength of all products is within the UVC wavelength range of disinfected sterilization, and it is in line with product claims.

2. When the two disinfection boxes are unexpectedly turned on, ultraviolet lights can be turned off automatically.

Inno3c, hedonic


When the lid is completely opened, the ultraviolet light will automatically turn off to avoid radiation to the human body.

When the lid of Lexuma is completely turned on, the ultraviolet light is still turned on, and the radiation volume in different wavelengths is 0.029W/m2, 10.14W/m2, which are 9 times or 10 times the reference limit.

3. Inamazing Thing handheld mode, ultraviolet radiation exceeds the reference limit.

When used as a disinfection box,


Will not leak ultraviolet rays.

However, in the handheld mode, its ultraviolet radiation volume exceeds the reference limit, respectively (200-280nm) and 57 times (250-400nm) of the limit.

4. Hand -holding product radiation volume exceeds the reference limit.

The four -holding ultraviolet device, ultraviolet radiation exceeds the reference limit.


Beyond the minimum, less than 10 times the reference limit.

Prime Tech

The largest most, 367 times the reference limit (200-280nm) and 434 times (250-400nm).

Ramping risk: 4 models are high -grade optical biological safety risks

According to the international standard IEC 62471, the degree of lightness of the photogonic can be used to measure the harm of ultraviolet rays to the skin and eyes.

According to the above standards, the International Non-Electric ionization Protection Commission (ICNIRP) suggested that the limit of the human body was exposed to UV (180-400nm) for 8 hours to 30J/m2, that is, the exposure limit = 30J/m2.

The longer the time (exposure time) required for the product reaches the exposure limit, the relatively safer.

The preset disinfection time of the product should be greater than its exposure time. This can guarantee that when the product is used normally, the human body will not come into contact with ultraviolet rays (referring to the exposure limit) of ultraviolet rays.

Test method: 20 cm from the product, measure the effective radiation volume, and classify the limit according to the standard. According to this value, the exposure time limit of each type is calculated.

1. Two products do not have light biological risks.

When the lid is completely turned on, the ultraviolet lamp will automatically turn off, so it will not affect the human body. The level of light biological safety risk is exemption level.

2. The risk of photogonic risks of the two products is intermediate, with exposure time limit> 20 minutes.




When the disinfection box is completely open,

In hand, the effective irradiation of ultraviolet rays has reached the standard definition of intermediate optical biological safety risks.

The exposure time limit is 35.7 minutes and 20.8 minutes, which exceeds this use time, which may cause harm to the human body.

3. The risks of the light biological safety of four products are high, and the exposure time is short.

Amazing Thing, Momax, 59S, Prime Tech

The valid radiation volume measured at 20 cm is high, and the risk of photogenesis is high.

At the same time, these 4 products have reached the exposure limit, and the time required is relatively short.

In other words, only a short period of time, the amount of exposure to the human body may be excessive (referring to the exposure limit).


The shortest exposure time is

It only takes 30 seconds.

4. Ultraviolet disinfection products cannot directly illuminate eyes and skin.

In actual use, the closer to the ultraviolet light of the human body, the larger the effective radiation volume, and the shorter the exposure time.

In the case that is close to enough, even if it is only 3 or 4 seconds, it may cause harm to the human body.

Ozone concentration: far lower than the reference limit

In order to strengthen the effect of sterilization and disinfection, some ultraviolet disinfectant will produce ozone.

This can disinfect the dead angle of ultraviolet rays.

However, the ozone concentration in the closed space is too high, which may stimulate the respiratory system.

Test method: Refer to the international standard IEC 60335-2-65. In a closed environment, the ozone concentration is measured at 5 cm from the sample.

Test results: The ozone concentration of all products is far lower than the reference limit, which will not cause damage to the human body.

Protection design: Handheld products all have security sensing devices

Portable ultraviolet disinfectant should have a certain protective design to ensure that the human body will not be illuminated by ultraviolet rays under normal use.

The protection design of the 8 products is as follows:

1. Normal use of disinfection boxes is no harm to the human body.


When the disinfection box lid is closed, the ultraviolet rays will not illuminate the skin and eyes.

2. Hand -holding products have the function of tilting off.

When all handheld products are upward and tilted to a certain angle, ultraviolet lights are automatically turned off.


3. Five products have preset disinfection time and less than their exposure time.

4 disinfection boxes,

Can be preset for disinfection time, and the preset time is less than the exposure time of the measured measurement.

In other words, within the preset disinfection time, the amount of ultraviolet rays of these five products on the human body will not exceed the exposure limit.


The preset time is 5, 10, and 15 minutes, which is much higher than its exposure time (30 seconds).

Label logo: Nothing is marked with the level of hazards

Ultraviolet disinfectant should be marked with the use of products, prohibited matters, etc. in the product outer packaging and instructions to remind consumers to use it correctly.

The statistics of the label logo are as follows:

1. All products are not marked with the level of light biological safety risk.

2. Only Lexuma has not marked sentences such as “not directly illuminated eyes, skin”.

In summary, in the disinfection box

The safety of use is high. When the lid is completely turned on, ultraviolet lights will automatically turn off and will not cause damage to the human body.

In hand -held products,

The safety of use is high. Its exposure time is the longest of similar products, up to 20.8 minutes, and when it is upward or tilted at a certain angle, ultraviolet lights will automatically turn off.

The sterilization rate of 4 products is ≥99.9%, which has a great difference in virus performance

Although the disinfection effect of UVC does exist, there are differences in wavelength and design between products.

Therefore, the sterilization and disinfection effect of portable ultraviolet disinfection needs to be reflected by killing bacteria and inhibiting virus experiments.

Test methods: Refer to the “Sniganing Technical Specifications” and the product claim to effectively sterilize disinfection time, and test the actual killing and inhibitory effects of various products for the actual killing and inhibitory effects of various products on each product.

Bybinilization experimental test results:

1. According to the product description, the killing rate of two bacteria on the two products is ≥99.9%.

Examination according to the use method on the product description,

Inno3C, Amazing Thing, Lexuma, 59S

The killing rate of two bacteria is ≥99.9%, and the sterilization effect is ideal.


By the time of disinfection, the sterilization rate reached 99.99%.

2. The sterilization rate of the two products is slightly lower than the claim value.

Momax, Essgee

The sterilization rate of the two bacteria is slightly lower than the claim value, but it can reach more than 97%.


Inhibit virus experimental test results:

1. Two products inhibit the effectiveness of virus.

59S, Prime Tech,

It can inhibit the activity of more than 99.99%of the virus and the best inhibitory effect.

And the operation time is within 30 seconds,

It only takes 5 seconds.

2. Four products inhibit the poor effect.

Momax, Hedonic, Lexuma, Essgee

The inhibitory rate of virus activity is less than 90%.

The worst, only 14.97%of the virus.

In summary, the best product of sterilization and disinfection effect is

Both bacterial killing rate and viral suppression rate are all> 99.9%.

The worst is

It has the lowest inhibition rate of H1N1 virus, only 14.97%.

Comprehensive use of safety and sterilization disinfection effects, score 8 products, and get the final score as follows:

Note: The score is taken from the original text.

The comprehensive performance is the best, the highest use of safety, and the effect of sterilization and inhibitory virus is also ideal.

1. UV disinfection device is suitable for disinfection of clean, smooth and flat items.


If there is dust, oil such as dust, oil pollution on the surface of the disinfection, it may affect the disinfection effect.

2. Use ultraviolet disinfection devices with caution and protect.

UV disinfection device has the risk of harming the human body and eyes.

When using, you should pay attention to protecting, such as wearing protective glasses.

3. Disinfection according to the instructions of the instructions.

The actual disinfection effect of UVC is related to the method of use, use time, etc., and depends on the product.

4. Regularly clean up the source of ultraviolet light.

Regularly clean up the dirt on the surface of the ultraviolet tube or LED to avoid affecting the intensity of the irradiation and reducing the disinfection effect.

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Evaluation sample

Evaluation indicator

Use safety

Sterilization and disinfection effect

General review

Consumer advice




Amazing thing

Test results:






Inno3c, hedonic

Inno3c, hedonic






Prime Tech

Prime Tech


Prime Tech


59S, Prime Tech,

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