In the minds of each family theater enthusiast, there is always a dream of guns!

Home theater is a complete system, and many people will be extremely entangled when buying home theater.


What is the main speaker? What is the middle speaker? How to match the surround speaker? What kind of bass cannon buy?

After the purchase of these components of the home theater, it is really difficult to upgrade again -if you change the main box, it is best to replace it together, otherwise the previous three voices will not match; After the first three are replaced, can the amplifier used in the past still drive the speaker well? Therefore, the amplifier may be upgraded.

If the amplifier has also been promoted, the first three channels of the home theater are much better than before, so will the surround speakers look too weak and the amount of information cannot keep up? Then you have to replace it.

Therefore, we say that the upgrade of home theater is generally led by the whole body. For a change, the pressure is small, which is feasible. Change all together, basically buy a set, that is difficult …

So, is there any part of the home theater that can not only significantly improve the listening experience of the home theater, and can it be upgraded separately?

Of course, that is the subwoofer! At the same time, this is also the best part of the home theater.


But for a long time, there has been a misunderstanding. Xiaobai thinks that the bigger the bass, the more shocking. In fact, this is wrong!

Where is the mistake? First of all, what do the subwoofer do in the family theater?

What is the bass gun?

In fact, about this issue, I used to set standards for “why THX uses 80Hz split speakers?” Talking about the frequency settings of the family theater “” I have told everyone. Now I will help you review it.

Why does THX cut off the 80Hz of the main box and surround speakers? Even if you use large landing speakers to release complete low frequencies, you can cut off the low -frequency part with the automatic EQ of the power amplifier. The reason is that as long as it is a low frequency, it will be affected by the resident wave.

After we put off the low frequencies of the main speakers, middle speakers, and surround speakers in the system, these low frequencies must be played by the bass gun.


There will also be a problem of bass guns, but we can solve this problem through mobile bass guns to find a reasonable swing.

The true meaning of home theater debugging is to choose the location of the subwoofer, so that he has a straight response.

What is the bass gun? There are two answers:

First, the subwoofer should be replaced with recording information in the LFE channel in Dolby or DTS.

Second, the subwoofer must be replaced, and the low -frequency information that is cut off in other channels.


Therefore, we come to a conclusion that although the subwoofer can be upgraded separately, we cannot choose a subwoofer from other speakers.


The fusion of bass guns and other channels is the focus

When we started to upgrade the speakers, especially those who used the entry -level system, using the satellite theater system, we upgraded a 15 -inch or 18 -inch gun. Such sales are actually not upgraded, but it is easy to have problems.


Let’s recall it first that there is a test that the theater has recently boarded recently.

This is the cheapest system intimus of APERIONAUDIO. The picture looks big, but in fact this sound is very small, the unit is only four inches.

And the frequent sound of his middle speakers and subwoofer guns are fighting together.

We can see that the mid -set speaker began to decay at a low frequency of about 130Hz. The original gun of this system is an eight -inch three -unit bass gun. The extremely low frequency of this cannon began to decay at 40Hz, but the low -frequency upper end of this cannon is steadily connected to the low -frequency part of the middle speaker. The low frequencies of the cannon did not start at an attenuation from 140Hz.

You can see that the bass gun and the mid -speaker together are a complete frequency.

And at this time, what would happen to the low frequency sound of this system with a very popular high -end cannon B15A?


This product used to be a subwoofer of about 30,000 yuan, and the second -hand price is now around 12,000. But this gun, if it is used for an Intimus upgrade of APERIONADIO, will be a very inappropriate product.

Because we can see from the frequency of frequency point settings set by the subwoofer backboard, it can only reach 80Hz at most. If this gun is used, then the bass between 80Hz and 130Hz in Intimus will not be played in the system.

Let’s take a look at the Bailiden 100ct we have recommended.


This is also a typical entry system.

Note that the low -frequency lower limit of the official satellite speaker is at 125Hz. Then I dare to conclude that the upper limit of his bass frequency sound must be higher than this value.

The official original cannon is the product in the picture above. The low -frequency parameters given are 35Hz ~ 150Hz, which can be perfectly connected with the 125Hz of satellite speakers.

When I was evaluating this speaker, I used Kenkrisl’s DXD12012 to match.


At that time, this subwoofer and 100CT speakers were seamless. We heard the low -frequency characteristics of large systems on the small system.

After looking at the official parameters, we can see that the upper limit of this bass cannon can reach 200Hz, which can indeed be perfectly integrated with the small box.

The bass gun is not bigger the better


If the bass gun is bigger and better, then the biggest must be the bass of the cinema, but is the subwoofer of the cinema good?


This is Jest’s movie theater with THX bass guns, double 18 inches, which is big.

However, his low frequency decays very early. When it comes to the dive of the subwoofer, it is far less than that of the 12 -inch subwoofer.

However, the advantage of this design is that the smaller the frequency of the bass gun is responsible, it is easier to release greater sound pressure. In popular terms, the sound will be greater.

The low frequency of ordinary household guns, if the sound pressure can exceed 100dB, then the neighbors will definitely complain.

And the subwoofer used in this cinema, his continuous sound pressure can reach 132DB, and the peak sound pressure can reach 138DB.

The movie theater is loud, first of all, there must be a big sound to let everyone hear the momentum of low frequency, so its products use large units and pursue a large sound, but the low -frequency texture and dive are poor.


The subwoofer of the home theater, because of the small space, the requirements for sound pressure are not so high, but they are more pursuing delicate, textured and more low -frequency details.

Therefore, the bass guns used by home theaters are not as big as.