Wallabees’s English means “kangaroos”, so it is called kangaroo shoes, but they are not necessarily made of kangaroo skin. Cruckets and suede are the superior choices of Wallabees. Kangaroo shoes were born in the 1960s. It is another classic masterpiece of the old British shoe brand Clarks. In addition to desert boots, it is designed by Lance Clark, a member of the Clarks family, inspired by Indian soft leather shoes. Fashion photographer Gordon Munro said that in his eyes, Wallabee shoes are particularly beautiful today, under the trend of retro style today, Wallabees has begun to be sought after by the fashion industry. Many fashion cards not only produce their own Wallabees in prototypes, but also continue to launch Wallabees with Clarks to cooperate with Clarks. Cooperative shoes, create one classic after another. Wallabees can be matched with any casual clothing, narrow -foot pants, small collar white shirts, zipper jackets and turtleneck tops, checkered pants, such classic combinations are widely loved by British pop players and Hollywood movie stars. The lead singer of the well -known British Orchestra Oasis Oasis Orchestra has been worn many times in MTV. The old white in the American drama “Desperate Poison” is the fanaticism of kangaroo shoes. “Desperate Poison Division” drama Kangaroo shoes are only suitable for mature men? NONONO! Supreme and Clarks Originals ushered in the latest 2016 joint series Wallabee. The co -branded will launch two shoes of Wallabee and Wallabee Boot. The upper is woven by suede, paired with a classic durable and soft and comfortable gum. Colorful colors with hot woven elements are casual but not casual. They are free to match casual sports or British gentlemen’s clothing. Supreme X Clarks 2016 joint model Wallabeesupreme X Clarks joint kangaroo shoes is now YOHO! Buy is available for sale globally. The Clarks brand has also logged in to the Global Purchase Channel, and no longer has to worry about not buying suitable shoes. For more details, please poke more products below to buy ↓