Before the year, we were looking forward to spring.

The winter in the north seems to be relatively long, and the spring is about the same. Often, it is directly in the summer in a blink of an eye. We always make us feel frustrated on the spring clothes.


In any place where the temperature is low and the temperature difference is large, a coat with thickness and windshield function will be higher than the thin -light jacket!

Editor seriously thought about which types of items were worn more realistic in this season. The answer is–

Short jacket


Intersection Although the probability of appearing in the street shooting in the past few years seems to have no high suit, it is still very good in the upcoming March!

Prada 2022 spring and summer series


The material of the leather has always been preferred, and a lot of the spring and summer show in 2022. The overall version is loose, and the neutral temperament is stronger.

I can’t help but ask the editor’s two women who are most suitable for wearing leather jackets–

Winona ryder



Drew Barrymore

Intersection I don’t know if they both have a little baby face, and the chemical response to the locomotive jacket is pretty wonderful. Both of them are similar. With T -shirts and denim items, they are simply wearing models today.

After turning over the street shots from recent Fashion Week, I found that the most common leather jacket that fashion bloggers are still two ⬆️. The first is the classic lapel -locomotive jacket, the same model as Drew Barrymore; there is also the cocoon -type Oversize model. The former looks more handsome because of the cut “edge of the corners”, and the latter is much casual.

The mix of locomotive jacket+black inside+wide -leg jeans will never make an error. However, if you want to make more fashion, you still have to think carefully.


Black inside can be replaced with sprout fabrics (this year is so popular!)

, Increase the breathability of the upper body when ALL Black. The length of the wide -leg pants is best to cover the upper.



Black leather jacket+breathable sense inward


“The enlarged version of the advanced effect, everyone can feel ⬆️

There is a very obvious trend in recent years-

The even shorter the coat

It may be because of the popularity of hot girls, or it may be that everyone finds that “long legs” are still very fragrant.


ELSA is also a loyal enthusiast of leather jackets. With our crazy knitted dress this year, the comparison of materials and changes in the style of dress make the overall shape more gameplay ~ elegant, restrained, sexy, cool adjectives are being split adjectives. The leather jacket is firmly stunned together.


After talking about the locomotive jacket, let’s take a look

Cocoon leather jacket



Beaver is always suitable for wearing this neutral, Oversize style. I have to say that black super, black baseball caps, black leather jackets are put together

Still it can increase a person’s “Star Taste”


Essence In this case, don’t make the trousers and inside.

Brown leather jackets will be more “storytelling” than black ones.

Whether it is a knitted sweater or a hoodie, the retro feeling that comes with it can cover the 80s and 1990s filters for the entire shape.



Sophia ROE

I often wear this recently




Large lapel leather jacket. In addition to bringing the overall silhouette, the cocoon -shaped coat can also form some folds with the body’s movements ~


Because of the particularity of the material, these folds will appear more obvious. Editor always feels that


It is a reason to pull up the sleeves of the shirt and form a fold. It has a casual interest.




The material and all the fluffy things are very good.

Recently, the popular fur hat, in addition to matching coats, can also consider it with leather jackets.

The patent leather jacket is also an option! We said before


“Break the dullness of black shape through changes in materials”

You can always believe

The gloss of the patent leather brings

Jyosei character original matte black European and American hot girl crocodile leather short leather jacket


Reference price: 368cny


A short leather jacket belonging to the hot girl. The upper part has a silhouette design. The small shoulder not only makes the shoulder look more straight, but also optimizes the head comparison. The short waist design in the lower half is very long, and the small girl can also control it.

And the texture of the crocodile pattern is really good, making the texture of the leather clothes stronger! It will be very fashionable with suit pants with hard texture ~


Simplertro wide -leg jeans girl

Reference price: 268cny

A straight jeans that are very suitable for leather jackets are wood! Intersection From Simple Retro. First of all, there is no problem with the high waist version of the leg length,

And its fabric has a little elasticity

The comfort of the upper body will be better! Washed denim blue is also clean, well -matched, very suitable for spring.

322Workhouse Spring and Summer White Cotton Loose Naigo Jeans

Reference price:


Poster special:




In the past two days, the editor -in -chief’s 322 white wide -leg jeans are sold well, which is also very good! The material of 100%cotton white oblique tannin is comfortable, and the fashionable silhouette is also guaranteed to the upper body effect ~ This season, regardless of whether it is paired with short leather jacket or sweater, it can brighten the overall and texture at the same time.

Bella Hadid

The pilot jacket is also taken out of the season every year.

It is not as bloated as a down jacket, and it is more thick than other jackets

Essence It is still practical to deal with cold and hot weather.


How has the pilot jacket changed in recent years? that is


From the front and side, they are closer to the front circle


The shoulders of the shoulder line will be obvious, and the position of the body will be more “wide”.

For example, just left in Milan

Prada2022 Autumn and Winter Series

The rounded pilot jacket returned to the show again. The classic version and the Nylon -made DNA were retained, but the embellishment of feathers and three -dimensional flowers immediately immediately “do not get closer.”

The charm of classic models is to allow the continuous superposition of later creativity to make it always liquid and vitality.

Change to life,

Pilot jackets+straight jeans are also good.

In this case, there is no need to exercise the leisure style. Use a shirt to mix and match with a bit of formal sense, which will have more personal characteristics. Editing my own observation is:

The shirt fabric with a pilot jacket should be more stiff, and the soft shirts are generally not right.

It is difficult to mix and spark.

On the streets, I recently wore a green pilot jacket. This silhouette jacket is still very hidden. She just forgot her pregnant belly without looking at it carefully. Another feature of the pilot jacket: Suitable for pregnant hot moms!

When the weather is hotter, you can wear such a pilot jacket with a thin fabric. Its fabric also has some windshields. Put your trousers in shoes or socks.


We also mentioned in the leather jacket part that the current jacket has a tendency to make, and the pilot jacket is no exception.

The ultra -short pilot jacket is not so “round”. The position of the sleeves and shoulder lines will remain a little silhouette, but the overall is pretty capable, and it is very easy to wear with pants!


322Workhouse Workers Lauret Silk Cashmere Knither


Original price: 539 CNY

Poster special: 499cny

It is very suitable for a knit sweater, no matter when a texture of a sophisticated texture is just needed!

This version is enough to be slim and you can put on any version of a short jacket.


85%mulberry silk and 15%cashmere fabric are extremely skin -friendly

It is very suitable for wearing it.

When the brand is doing this sweater, it also uses a special weaving method-

16 Needle pits, which will make the knit sweater more elastic

it is good

, Robe lines are more obvious!


Jyosei character mopping the floor ultra -long high waist wide -leg retro jeans

Reference price: 328cny

Editor’s heart divides the wide -leg jeans into two factions. The other fabric is relatively soft, and the trousers will pile up a little folds. This is a casual spicy girl style!


Jyosei character

This wide -leg pants are obviously hot girl style. The pants are also designed with old and stitching, which increases the sense of detail. The design of the high waist is invincible!

Mane Atelier Original Designer Printing Wenet Saito Fainer

Reference price: 236cny

A bottom shirt that can be used! Intersection In addition to self -cultivation, another reason is

This light fabric can form contrast with a thick coat fabric, and it is easy to increase the breathability of the entire wear

Essence Mane Atelier’s bottoming shirt is printed on a hand -painted building. It is not easy to hit the shirt without saying. There is still a little literary temperament on the upper body.

If you eat Amway of today’s article, don’t forget our poster Shop when buying spring clothing (explicit)!



In the end, spring is here, I wish the world peace.


This “turning scene” is really closely related to our lives!

Your wide -leg pants and the row may only be different from the distance of this manuscript

How does the initial white of all things make your wardrobe a sense of belonging?

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