In the cold winter season with temperature close to the freezing point, warm and concave -shaped hair collar jackets have undoubtedly become a must -have for fashionables. The hair collar jacket is thinner than a plush jacket, and it is more warmer than the average coat. It has unlocked the elegance of the coat and the warm and leisure of the down jacket. In the case, this winter is really equal to it!


Why do I have to have a hair collar jacket in winter?

Advantages ①:

The soft and warm hair collar can block the invasion of the cold wind. The big hair collar is more warmer than the cashmere scarf. When you go out in winter, you do n’t have to tie the neck.


Advantage ②

: The furry hair collar design can not only keep warm, but the gorgeous wool collar jacket is more stylish


Increase the exquisiteness

, Improving the texture of the coat and the aura of wearing. The styles created with a hair collar jacket are different, but they can be elegant or domineering and playful. The fashion of the whole person can soar in an instant.


What are the points need to pay attention to choosing a hairy collar jacket?

Although the hair collar jacket has a lot of advantages, the hair collar jacket is needed in daily life. It also needs to be selected according to its own figure. The thickness, shape, and material of the hair collar have a decisive impact on the visual effects presented.

Note point 1: Look at the thin thickness of the hair collar

When choosing a hairy collar coat, the key point is the hair collar. Girls with different faces are also particular about when choosing the thickness of the hair collar. For example, if the big -faced star wears a thick hair collar of “magnificent”, not only has a round face, but at the same time, the entire upper body is swollen and swollen, and it can wear a sense of vision of “soil round fertilizer” in minutes. Essence It is better to replace it with a thinner coat with a slightly thinner coat, which can highlight the sharpness and capability of the hair collar coat.


Note point 2: Look at the shape of the hair collar

The shape of the hair collar also has a greater effect on the neck and face shape. Our common neckline can be roughly divided into round neck and V -neck. Although the round neck hairy collar jacket looks soft and waxy, the hair collar is pushed directly near the neck, which is easy to give people a feeling of “no neck”. For girls with no many advantages in their neck It’s cruel. The V -type neckline can play a vertical stretch of the neck lines, which can not only highlight the neck’s slender length, but also improve the personal temperament. No matter what face -shaped sisters can easily control, friends with large faces and necks, despite picks, even picks up picks It’s right!

Note 3: Look at the material of the material

Don’t easily think that the hair collar jacket has only one style. The style of the hair collar of different materials can be said to be different. For example, the cute and soft lamb velvete collar can not only follow the casual route, and the handsome street style is also completely No Problem. It is very suitable for the younger student party and the light mature women who want to create age -reducing wear. The fur and hair collar are more expensive, which tests the temperament. It can exude an independent aura that does not enter, which is suitable for mature women with a certain economic foundation.


Matching demonstration of hair collar jacket

LOOK1: Lamdi Washing Collar Jacket+dress+patent leather boots

The short fluffy lambskin collar jacket looks more affinity than other fur collar jackets. The design of the hair collar is generally not exaggerated, and the plasticity is strong. It does not require too much aura to control it. You can use jeans and small black pants to play cool, or you can also match your dignified and lively with light skirts. If you feel that the lamb velvete is too casual and not exquisite, you can use a pair of patent leather boots to reconcile the style, and instantly lay the capable and sturdy atmospheric tone!

Look2: wool collar coat+jeans


A coat with a hairy collar design not only keeps warm, but also enriches the sense of layering. The milk tea color coat shows the warmth and tenderness of autumn and winter, and the waist of the belt highlights the model -like figure, the overall shape looks advanced and improves temperament. The underlying jeans and coats CP are used to make the shape of the coat of the coat with both elegance and coolness, and it can easily create a casual high street style look.

Look3: Mao collar plaid coat+canvas shoes


The hair collar plaid coat has a little retro literary and artistic fan. If the matching is not good, it is easy to wear too formal or old -fashioned, a pair of canvas shoes can immediately drive away the age of the hair collar plaid coat, so that the whole The shape is more young and energetic. PS: For girls who are not particularly advantages in height, the length of the coat is best controlled above the knee, otherwise it will be easy to wear the height of the “dwarf” easily.

Look4: Mao Ning Skinch+Black Bottom Highlights+Jeans

Speaking of the most popular hair collar jacket this year, the wool collar leather jacket is definitely worth having a name. The brown hair collar leather jacket is a bit of elegant taste in retro. The hair collar design is not exaggerated, and it can meet the needs of daily wear and work commuting. The brown hair collar leather jacket is equipped with a black bottoming shirt, which shows the simple atmosphere and adds a cool feeling to the shape. The lower body is paired with straight jeans, which can not only modify the leg shape, but also can make the whole set of matching randomness and rate to the extreme.

Look5: Mao collar leather coat+suit


For the fashionable essence that doesn’t like to go ordinary, it is better to use a wool -collar leather coat to play “stacking”. The hair collar coat is open not only to see the slightest bloated atmosphere, but also makes the overall shape look full of gas. The inner layer is wearing a suit suit of the same color, which enriches the sense of layering and harmony of the dress. Instantly, a “overbearing female president” is worn. It can easily win and stable without too much modification!