The so -called people rely on clothing, sometimes not only referring to the blessing of people’s clothing, showing their original beauty because of the blessing of clothing. Because of the decoration of different styles and different design items, wearing people discover more fashion possibilities, and they are also worn and worn. A big highlight and fun.

The sweet and lovely Wu Jiayi, during the event, and a diamond -mopped skirt for her choice of suspended darling skirts. The collision with the sense of smart girl brings people a novel stunning sense.

How to choose a single product for girls

For sweet girls, if you want to create a bright and light shape, it is not recommended that you choose some too dull tones, such as dark green, dark blue, etc., which will be too old. Although black is also dark, but because of its hundreds of matching and tolerance, and the characteristics of its classic atmosphere, as long as you pay attention to the design of the version and details, it is the easiest to control.

Although Wu Jiayi’s dress, although the skirt body all black, because the camisole and the neckline lock are used in the embellishment of silver broken bricks, the whole does not make people feel depressed, large -scale exposed and shining sequins. Let the dress feel light and elegant.


The choice of texture fabric is more conducive to creating an elegant look

We usually recommend that mature women pay more attention to their fabrics when choosing a single product, mainly because of the texture materials, which is indeed more conducive to creating an elegant and elegant look.

It can be seen that Wu Jiayi’s dresses on their body are selected with shiny and retro satin fabrics. Products will inevitably give people a sense of visual abruptness.


Tall girls choose large skirts to create a retro and expensive feeling

The version of the dress also determines the overall style. Tall girls choose a skirt with a large skirt. In fact, it is easier to shape the retro and expensive sense of vitality they want. Full of British court atmosphere.

Of course, the small girl does not recommend that you choose this type of skirt. The 5 cm style on the knee is more conducive to creating the effect of long legs.


The adaptation of sweet girls and star skirts is 100%


When sweet girls want to maximize their own advantages, they do not need too much other elements to bless, and a romantic and elegant star skirt can be easily done.


Wu Jiayi was wearing a gray -blue light gauze starry skirt with a small wave curly hair, a five -haired hair clip and a pair of simple earrings. The tube top’s back also showed her a good and good figure. The big bow added a dream -like shape, dreamy, and pure.


Wu Jiayi on the stage is bright and charming. In private, she is also worthy of reference for fashion. The private server is simple and fashionable, and it is very suitable for the summer reference of the little fairy.

Light blue knitted navel top, high -waisted blue grid casual wide -leg pants, dark blue edges on the side of the lock on the lock, and the stitching of the gray fabric on the waist of wide -leg pants, all make LOOK full of exquisite layering.

It’s about to set up autumn soon, and the weather will slowly turn cold. Wu Jiayi’s dress is stacked with a knitted cardigan look, which is very suitable for girls to refer to in the late summer and early autumn.

Apricot collapse fold skirt dress is full of vitality, gentle and elegant and not suspected of being tender, with beige knitted vests elegant and fresh, suitable for daring to wear; stacking green small floral knitted cardigan, let the shape be even more Literature and artistic atmosphere, which is more suitable for tourism and shopping. (Original text, the picture comes from the Internet, please contact delete if infringement)