Many people now like to install a big TV in the living room, and then install a small TV in the bedroom. Let ’s watch the play, chat, enhance their feelings, and enjoy a rare leisure time. It is very good. Especially when the family is together, it is very warm and comfortable. Although the frequency of TVs is not high, it is very popular with everyone. Whether it is watching or not, a TV will be installed to improve the grade of the living room, so the existence of TVs is very important.

Today’s TV is a LCD ultra -thin display screen, which is large in size and feels unstable on the table. Therefore, many people choose to install TV racks to ensure the stability and safety of the TV. So, today we will introduce a TV hanging rack suitable for home installation, TOPSKYS A8050, for everyone to reference.

This shelf is a multifunctional universal hanging frame with a LCD TV that supports 32 ‘~ 65’ ‘inch. It can bear a maximum load of 85kg and the installation hole is 810*500mm.

Topskys A8050多功能电视挂架

The keyboard is made of zinc and aluminum alloy and steel. It also supports the functions of the front and back, tilt left and right, tilted up and down, horizontal transition, front and rear stretching, etc., so that we can use and adjust the angle. The built -in hub slot design can also effectively store cables to ensure the environment is clean and tidy.

Topskys A8050多功能电视挂架

In addition, the rack has a safety buckle and anti -slip device to ensure the safety of the TV and make users feel more assured. Overall, TOPSKYS A8050 is a TV hanging rack that is very suitable for home installation, and there are more benefits for TV wall walls.

Topskys A8050多功能电视挂架

Some people say that the current TV is a decoration, and almost no one watched. In fact, I do n’t think it ’s a time to watch TV. It’ s a rare time for family members to gather and enjoy happiness. And it is also the easiest time to chat and communicate. There is a better experience than my own mobile phone or computer. Moreover, when eating, you can also watch the drama in front of the TV, while eating, very comfortable.

You can also make up for it, watch the World Cup live broadcast with 60 -inch TV, and look at it with 12 -inch tablets or even 32 -inch monitors, that’s more refreshing. So for me, television is a very important entertainment equipment. Since the renovation of the house, I look forward to going home to watch the drama every day. Things.