Nowadays, the development of animal husbandry breeding is getting better and better, and the performance of farming equipment has also made great progress, saving the breeding costs of farmers, reducing some labor force. Today, I will introduce a practical breeding equipment to you today. It is a straw fragments. That

How much is a straw crusher

Intersection What are the functions of function?

1. How much is a straw crusher?

There are two types of straw crusher, one is a tooth plate crusher and the other is a hammer sheet crusher. The price of straw crusher depending on the model, the output is different, the price is different. C common home straw crusher models include 320, 360, 400, 420, 500, 600, 700, etc. Different models have different output, power, and size, so according to your own breeding size, which model of the granular machine is decided, the specific reference price is as follows:

1, 320, 360, 400, 420, the price of about 155-3500 yuan;

2, 500 or more prices are above 4000.

Reminder: When the straw crusher is idle, the breeding staff should do daily maintenance and maintenance work to reduce the failure. In addition, farmers should also use straw fragments in accordance with regulations. Where you do n’t understand, you can see the product instruction manual.

2. Introduction to the function of straw crusher

1. Working principle


(1) The generous mouth of the straw fragments has a tug of teeth. When the straw enters the generous mouth, the teeth will automatically send it to the round crushed room for processing.

(2) The straw will be performed in a circular movement in the direction of the hammer in the crushing room, and then the material layer will be formed. The circulation speed of the material layer is about 70%of the rotation speed of the hammer sheet.

(3) The crushed particles will be pasted on the outer layer of the sieve, enter the storage room through the sieve network, and after a brief stop in the reservoir, the fan on the main axis is sucked out.

(4) The particles will be discharged from the upper exhaust port, and the processed materials will be discharged directly through the output port.


2. Scope of application

(1) dry feed: broken valley shell, belly valley, potato vines, peanut vines, straws, dried grass, corn straw, bean poles, etc.

(2) Grain powder: rice, sweet potatoes, beans, wheat, jade, potatoes, etc., can be a supporting machinery of the powder.


(3) Oil processing: pink tea seeds, rapeseed, peanuts, Tongren, cotton seeds, etc., supporting machinery for oil press.

(4) Other materials: It can be used for brewing raw materials such as Chinese herbal medicine, saddle grass, rubber seeds and other biological raw materials, crushed wood chips, bamboo dandruff and other biological raw materials.

3. Feature advantages

(1) The use of straw crusher is simple, the structure is reliable, and the production cost is low;

(2) Drive by diesel, electric, gasoline, etc. for straw shredder;

(3) The stability of the straw crisp is good, the output is large, the power consumption is small, and the period of use is long;

(4) The straw shredder is made of alloy steel. The design is reasonable and the internal configuration is high;

(5) Stalk crusher occupies a small area, flexible movement, and is loved by farmers;

(6) The straw crusher has a variety of aperture molds, which is suitable for processing and production of different feed.


The straw crusher has greatly saved manpower and time, providing a lot of support and help for the breeding industry. In addition, it must be operated in accordance with standardized operations to do a good job of machine maintenance in time. If you are interested in the information of, don’t forget to follow Xiaobian!